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Old HC/Punk From The Vault: Awesome Reissues!!

BRATS, THE 1980 Brats Arg! LP 16.99
One of the most wanted albums among collectors of the progressive punk / metal crossover and the 1980's NWOBHM. The Brats recorded one album, clearly influenced by hard and heavy metal, when the initial punk era was on it's last legs. The 1980 Brats was released in the LP/MC format in a small edition 'one and only' first pressing, for which hard core collectors today pay up to $150... Now re-released to accommodate the fans, yearning for the Denner & Shermann guitar duels, which laid the grounds for their legendary future in Mercyful Fate.

GAS 1982-1985 Gas Partners In Crime LP 10.99
Japanese HC/punk discography of ep's and live trax, some with female vocals, legendary noisy Japanese HC from 1982-86. This includes both of their rare flexis and the split with Niku-Dan and 2 live tracks from 1985 recorded off the soundboard at Eggplant. Mastered by Bob Weston, legit reissue on Partners In Crime records.

PAERE PUNK Various Artists Fanclub LP 16.99 new Denmark hc punk comp from 78-80, with the Lost Kids, Sods, Elektrochok, Slim, Kliche, Brats, Dream Police, No Knox
A reissue of of a rare Danish punk compilation, originally pressed in a small quantity in 1979. This new edition looks and sounds just like the original, awesome sound quality. Twenty songs by 8 bands, including LOST KIDS, THE SODS, ELEKTROSHOK, SLIM, KLICHE, BRATS, DREAM POLICE and NO KNOX. Some have called this Denmark's answer to the dangerhouse Records classic, "Yes, L.A."

ABORTTI 13 / PHYAKOULU / KOLMAS PAIVA split Colditz EP $6.99
Finnish HC from 83, Another reissue of a very rare Finnish hardcore record, originally pressed in an edition of 200 copies... the Abortti 13 / Pyhäkoulu split ep. Abortti 13 are raw & memorable hc punk in the early Finnish tradition. Pyhäkoulu are female-fronted hardcore and later went on to a more goth-punk style... although this ealy material is pure (and very raw) hardcore punk. This has 2 bonus tracks by Kolmas Paiva as well...

APARAT Hairikot Tulee Ep Stinky Boy EP 7.99 new Finnish HC/Punk reissue from '84
You might remember Apärät from the Propaganda Hardcore '83 LP, here's a repro of their EP from 1985. MRR review from '85 says "More tuneful than most Finnish thrash, this band employs melody and clean production and playing. Because of this there's a more British feel to this 6 song release but by no means is this a sterile plodding record, quite the contrary, it's pretty strong medium-paced thrash and good listening". I agree!

CRAP, THE Lorteland Arg! EP 7.99 new Danish HC/Punk from the mid 80's, 13 tracks
The V/A - Lorteland Cassette was originally released on the Boston Tea Party label from Denmark in 1983 in an edition of 150 copies. The compilation features 66 songs by 15 bands including TZP, War Of Destruction, The Crap, etc. Here is the Ep version of the tracks by The Crap from Denmark 13 tracks manic snot punk high on speed and intensity , recorded 1980 and 1981! They had embers from WAR OF DESTRUCTION, the A side was originally released on the "Lorteland" comp tape , the 5 B side tracks are previously unreleased.

MISSBRUKARNA Krigets Gentlemen Mundo Hardcore EP 7.99 new Swedish HC demo pressed onto vinyl with bonus live trax
Here is a fanclub edition of the legendary Swedish band's demo from 1983 + 4 live songs from a radio show in 1982. This band was highly influential to many current and 80's Swedish bands including Totalitar (whom have covered Missbrukarna, and had songs written with help by Rolf of Missbrukarna!). Awesome!

MOB 47 Karnvapen Attack EP Havoc EP 4.99
The only vinyl release by this band (comps not included), these nine songs alone mark MOB 47 as one of the best bands of all time. Taking the d-beat of DISCHARGE or ANTI CIMEX and playing about 4 times faster- seems like a simple idea, huh? Well, it fucking worked; these hypercharged anthems are unrelenting, short, and raw, yet precise and memorable all at once. The vocals, rather than the hoarse Swedish style that one expects nowadays, remind me of Kevin Shields (SEVEN SECONDS) or (this is easy in retrospect) ARROGANTA AGITATORER. That is to say, it sounds like a kid whose lunch money has just been stolen. Charmingly, there are way too many words crammed into each line, thus accelerating the pace that much more. Ake's immortal atonal guitar-solo style is even in place here (on the title track), as well as the classic slow-dance ballad "Animal Liberation"- I know some people don't like this song because it is not as manic as their other stuff, but it is a perfect break from the full-on pace of the other songs, and quite catchy- in any case, it is more effective than BGK's similar attempts to slow down the rock. The next and final song is another amphetamine-charged blast that rounds out the record nicely. In short, this is a perfect seven inch and is readily available in reissue, so there is no reason not to have it. (review by Ben Parker on Kill from The Heart) I couldn't have said it better myself. HUGELY influential to Dropdead in the early days, and now still kicks ass. Absolutely essential.

MORAL DEMOLITION / ZYKLOME A Repression Split EP Noise and Distortion EP $6.99
An official reissue of this rare split 7", originally released in 1983 on Punk etc records. A top notch pairing of Belgian kbd punk rock / thrash. 500 pressed, includes insert. Dropdead used to cover a Zyklome A track back in the early 90's, another band we always listened to for inspiration. Great re-issue, and highly recommended.

NO PIGS S/T aka Broken Promises EP Noise and Distortion EP 6.99
Awesome Legit re-issue of impossible to find Dutch HC. Awesome abrasive thrash/HC with Ingrid from Nog Watt on drums. Time for more bands to have women drummers I think...

PANDEMONIUM Who The Fuck Are You? Noise & Distortion EP $5.99 Dutch noisy HC classic ep reissue, awesome
Official re-issue from this Dutch cult hardcoreband's 1st 7" originally released on Limbabwe records. Now reissued in BOTH original sleeve designs and much better sound than the boots floating around. Dropdead used to cover No reaction back in the arly 90's, Pandemonium was very influential to what we were doing, highly recommended.

PANDEMONIUM Wir Fahren Ins Grune Noise and Distortion 6.99
Official re-issue from this Dutch cult hardcore band's second 7" originally released on Limbabwe records. Now reissued in with original sleeve design, insert, and great mastering. Highly recommended great re-issue.

POHJASAKKA Maailmataynna Vihaa Fanclub 6.99 Finnish punk from 85
Great raw Finnish punk from 1985, has the vocalist from Mellakka on bass duties. Incredibly hard to find material by this band, so someone has done a great fanclub edition at a reasonable price. Great EP.

TERVEET KADET My Generation Fanclub EP $6.99 1983 raw as hell rehearsal trax Finnish HC
Super abrasive Terveet Kadet tracks from a 1983 rehearsal session, 13 songs including a vover of The Who's "My Generation". This is as raw as HC/Punk gets.

VAURIO Sortoa Ja Vainoa Feral Ward EP 4.99
Unreleased 1983 7" from this long-defunct Finnish band. Sleeve taken from an original printed cover, which Propaganda records had printed but never used. "Sortoa Ja Vainoa" is 6-songs from a 1983 recording by Finald's Vaurio that was never released. These songs are youthful, hardcore punk that is played in the classic early-'80s Finnish style and originally would have been a pre-curser to the band's 1984 debut LP. Great characteristic mid-paced Finnish punk that's less hardcore but even better than their 1984 LP.

WINTERSWIJX CHAOS FRONT s/t Noise and Distortion EP $6.99
Originally this came out in 1985. 500 copies released by the band itself, 20+ years later here's a legit re-issue. Even managed to improve the soundquality (side A and side B now have the same clear sound at the same volume) and the original postersleeve included. Ltd to 500. Oldschool Holland abrasive hardcore at its finest resembling the sound of Disgust, Pandemonium, Bloedbad, Lärm, etc. Awesome job, awesome EP.

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