Friday, February 22, 2008


BLUES/JAZZ CD KING, BB Kansas City 1972 Charly 7.99 used 1
BLUES/JAZZ LP BOLLING, CLAUDE / YO-YO MA Suite For Cello & Jazz Piano CBS 3.99 used 1

FUNK/SOUL CD CHARLES, RAY Ray: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Atlantic 7.99 used 1
FUNK/SOUL LP TRENIERS, THE You're Killin' Me Horse 8.99 used 1

GARAGE CD CANDY SNATCHERS, THE s/t Safe House 7.99 used 1
GARAGE CD GAUNT I Can See Your Mom From Here Thrill Jockey 7.99 used 1
GARAGE CD GAUNT Yeah, Me Too Amphetamine Reptile 7.99 used 1
GARAGE CD HODGE PODGE & BARRAGE FROM JAPAN VOL 4 Various Artists 1+2 Records 8.99 used International Robot, Rivals, FM Knives, Sweet JAP, Teenage Confidential, Tyrades, Young Parisians, Horehounds, Fifi & The Mach 3, Hipbone Slim & the Knee Tremblers, Astro Babys, East Side Suicide, Texas Taxis, The Reds 1
GARAGE CD HUMPERS, THE Plastique Valentine Epitaph 7.99 used 1
GARAGE CD LAZY COWGIRLS Ragged Soul Crypt 7.99 used 1
GARAGE CD MENSEN Delusions Of Grandeur Gearhead 8.99 used 1
GARAGE CD MOONEY SUZUKI, THE Electric Sweat Columbia 8.99 used 1
GARAGE CD NASHVILLE PUSSY Let Them Eat Pussy Mercury 7.99 used 1
GARAGE CD NIFTERS, THE Riding Shotgun Scooch Pooch 7.99 used Swedish garage rock 1
GARAGE CD SATANIC SURFERS Songs From The Crypt Bad Taste 8.99 used 1
GARAGE CD SICKIDZ Now And Then Steel Cage 8.99 used 1
GARAGE CD SILENCERS, THE S/T Alive 8.99 used 1
GARAGE CD SILVER TONGUE DEVIL Red Eyed And Tongue Tied Get Hip 8.99 used 1
GARAGE CD SLASH CITY DAGGERS, THE Backstabber Blues Unity Squad 7.99 used 1
GARAGE CD SUGAR SHACK Spinning Wheels Estrus 8.99 used 1
GARAGE CD SWEDISH SINS '99 Various Artists White Jazz 8.99 used Hellride, Wrecks, Astroburger, Sator, Grinners, Mensen, Mobile Mob Freakshow, Matching Numbers, Peffball, Royal Beat Conspiracy, Strollers, Truckers, Mother Superior, Vectors, Kucksuckers, Roachpowder, Nasty Flames, Turpentines, Demons, Barbwires 1
GARAGE CD TRAMPS, THE s/t Broken Rekids 7.99 used 1
GARAGE LP CHERRY VALENCE, THE Revival Flapping Jet 6.99 used 1
GARAGE LP CHERRY VALENCE, THE Riffin' Estrus 8.99 used blue wax 1
GARAGE LP EMBROOKS, THE Separations… Dionysus 6.99 used 1
GARAGE LP KILL-A-WATTS Circuit Breaker Love Rip Off 9.99 used yellow wax 1
GARAGE LP LOST SOUNDS s/t In The Red 6.99 used 1
GARAGE LP PONYS, THE Celebration Castle In The Red 6.99 used 1
GARAGE LP REIGNING SOUND Too Much Guitar In The Red 6.99 used 1
GARAGE LP SHINE ON, SWEET STARLET Various Artists Sympathy For The Record Industry 6.99 used Courvairs, Royal Pendletons, Detroit Cobras, Regals, Persuaders, Action Family, Interstate Leisure Kings, Mullens, 68 Comeback, bantam Rooster, Frigg-A-Go-Go, Necessary Evils 1
GARAGE LP SIGHTS, THE Are You Green Fall Of Rome 9.99 used 1/2 light green, 1/2 dark green wax 1
GARAGE LP SIGHTS, THE Got What We Want Fall Of Rome 6.99 used 1
GARAGE LP SYMPATHETIC SOUNDS OF DETROIT Various Artists Sympathy For The Record Industry 8.99 used Paybacks, Dirtbombs, Hentchmen, KO & The Knockouts, Come Ons, Soledad Brothers, Von Bondies, Buzzards, Detroit Cobras, Bantam Rooster, Clone Defects, Whirlwind Heat, White Stripes 1

HIP HOP CD CYPRESS HILL Skull & Bones Columbia 9.99 used 2CD 1
HIP HOP CD GRAY, MACY On How Life Is Epic 6.99 used 1
HIP HOP CD HOCH, DANNY Jails, Hospitals & Hip Hop Raptivism 8.99 used 2CD 1
HIP HOP CD MARXMAN 33 Revolutions Per Minute A&M 6.99 used 1
HIP HOP CD RAEKWON Immobilarity Loud 6.99 used 1

INDIE CD CANNANES, THE Caveat Emptor Feel Good All Over 7.99 used 1
INDIE LP RADIO 4 Live In France R4 6.99 used 1
INDIE LP THIEVES s/t Sad Party Music 6.99 used screenprinted cover 1
INDIE LP TURBONEGRO Apocalypse Dudes Bitzcore 8.99 used gatefold 1

LOCAL CD HAWD GANKSTUH RAPPUH MC'S 2 Hype 2 Wype WordSound 6.99 used 1
LOCAL CD SET OF RED THINGS demo Self released 3.99 used 1
LOCAL LP GOOD GOOD, THE A Fem Era Harlan 8.99 used screen printed covers 1
LOCAL LP NOXAGT Turning It Down Since 2001 Load 6.99 used 1
LOCAL LP USAISAMONSTER Citizens Of The Universe MassDist 14.99 used out of print, awesome screenprinted cover 1

METAL LP ANTHRAX Fistful Of Metal Megaforce 14.99 used 1
METAL LP DEF LEPPARD Pyromania Mercury 6.99 used 1
METAL LP DIO Sacred Heart Warner Bros. 4.99 used 1
METAL LP DIO The Last In Line Warner Bros. 5.99 used 1
METAL LP FORD, LITA Lita RCA 3.99 used 1
METAL LP HAEMOTH Satanik Terrorism Debemer Morti 14.99 used gatefold, #461/500 1
METAL LP JUDAS PRIEST Defenders Of The Faith Columbia 4.99 used 1
METAL LP JUDAS PRIEST Hero, Hero Gull 6.99 used 2LP gatefold 1
METAL LP JUDAS PRIEST Point Of Entry Columbia 3.99 used 1
METAL LP JUDAS PRIEST Ram It Down Columbia 4.99 used 1
METAL LP JUDAS PRIEST Unleashed In The East CBS 4.99 used 1
METAL LP KISS Animalize Mercury 5.99 used 1
METAL LP NIGHTBRINGER / TEMPLE OF NOT split Forever Plagued 14.99 used 2LP gatefold 1
METAL LP PENTAGRAM First Daze Here Too Relapse 24.99 used 2LP gatefold, red wax 1

PUNK/HARDCORE CASSETTE CRESS Monuments Nikt Nic Nie Wie 4.99 used 1
PUNK/HARDCORE CD EXTINCTION OF MANKIND The Nightmare Seconds Profane Existence 5.99 used 1
PUNK/HARDCORE CD LEFTOVERS, THE 667 The Neighbor Of The Beast Fueled Up 6.99 used 1
PUNK/HARDCORE CD TOLSHOCK Pointless Stand PEFE 3.99 used 3inch CD Swedish HC/Crust, members of Dom Dar and Warcollappse 1
PUNK/HARDCORE LP ACRID Eighty Sixed No Idea 9.99 used clear wax 1
PUNK/HARDCORE LP ANTIPRODUCT The Deafening Silence Of Grinding Gears Tribal War 5.99 used 1
PUNK/HARDCORE LP BLITZ Blitzed: An All Out Attack Link 14.99 used demo and live 1
PUNK/HARDCORE LP BUSINESS, THE Live And Loud!! Link 12.99 used 1
PUNK/HARDCORE LP CREATION IS CRUCIFIXION In Silico Scorched Earth Policy 6.99 used 1
PUNK/HARDCORE LP DEAD KENNEDYS A Skateboard Party Starving Missile 16.99 used live 13.09.1982 In Satellite County 1
PUNK/HARDCORE LP EDUCATION COMPILATION Various Artists Mountain 5.99 used Devoid Of Faith, Bleed, Kisses And Hugs, Horace Pinker, Benchmark, Abnormal Behavior, Coleman, Ox, Floodgate, Silence Equals, Three Studies For A Crucufixion, Raze, Daed Inside, Policy Of Three 1
PUNK/HARDCORE LP FUCKED UP Hidden World Deranged 12.99 used 2LP gatefold 1
PUNK/HARDCORE LP I HATE MYSELF s/t No Idea 9.99 used I sided LP, screenprinted cover 1
PUNK/HARDCORE LP KIDS ARE UNITED, THE Various Artists Music For Nations 14.99 used Sham 69, Exploited, Cockney Rejects, Splodge, UK Subs, 4-Skins, Angelic Upstarts, Toy Dolls, Peter & the Test Tube Babies, Cock Sparrer 1
PUNK/HARDCORE LP LIGHT THE FUSE AND RUN All Your Base Are Belong To Us Exotic Fever 6.99 used 1
PUNK/HARDCORE LP OI! OI! THAT'S YER LOT! Various Artists Secret 16.99 used Business, Five O, Oppressed, Sub-culture, Crux, Warriors, Attak, Black Flag, Arthur And The Afters, Frankie And The Flames, Magnificent Gonads, Atilla The Stockbroker, Judge Dread, Skin Graft, Coming Blood 1
PUNK/HARDCORE LP OI! THE ALBUM Various Artists EMI 16.99 used Cockney Rejects, Peter & The Test Tube Babies, 4-Skins, Postmen, Exploited, Terrible Twins, Angelic Upstarts, Max Splodge & Desert Island Joe, Slaughter & The Dogs, Barney & the Rubbles, 1
PUNK/HARDCORE LP ORCHID s/t Ebullition 8.99 used gatefold, clear wax 1
PUNK/HARDCORE LP PROPAGANDHI Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes fat Wreck Chords 5.99 used 1
PUNK/HARDCORE LP PUNK AND DISORDERLY Various Artists Abstract 14.99 used Vice Squad, Adicts, UK Decay, Partisans, Blitz, Disorder, Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Dead Kennedys, Demob, Insane, Abrasive Wheels, Disrupters, red Alert, Chaos UK, Outcasts, GBH 1
PUNK/HARDCORE LP SKA FOR SKA'S SAKE Various Artists Link 4.99 used mark Foggo's Skasters, Loafers, Hot Knives, King Hammond, Maroon Town, Off The Shelf, Riffs, Mr Review, Skandal, Judge Dread, Pick It Up, Pork Hunts 1
PUNK/HARDCORE LP SMALL BROWN BIKE Our Own Wars No Idea 9.99 used blue marble 1
PUNK/HARDCORE LP SON OF OI! Various Artists Link 14.99 used Cock Sparrer, Kraut, Prole, Gary Johnson, Paranoid Pictures, Gonads, Clockwork Destruction, Phil Sexton & Mick Turpin, Alaska Cowboys, Gary & The Gonads, Terry McAnn, Orgasm Guerillas, Atilla, Newtown Neurotics, 4-Skins, Business, Maniac Youth, Angelic Upstarts, Oi! the Robot, Vicious Rumours, Lo Labs, Oxo's Midnight Stumblers 1

REGGAE CD MACKA B Global Messenger Beatville 7.99 used 1
REGGAE CD TOSH, PETER Dread & Alive EMI 6.99 used 1
REGGAE LP HEPTONES, THE On The Run Shanachie 16.99 used 1

ROCK LP BAND, THE The Last Waltz Warner Bros. 6.99 used 2LP 1
ROCK LP BOWIE, DAVID Tonight EMI 4.99 used 1
ROCK LP CLAPTON, ERIC Backtrackin Master Pieces 6.99 used 2LP gatefold 1
ROCK LP DEEP PURPLE Fireball Warner Bros. 5.99 used gatefold 1
ROCK LP GENESIS Selling England By The Pound Charisma 3.99 used 1
ROCK LP QUEEN Jazz Warner Bros. 3.99 used 1
ROCK LP QUEEN s/t Elektra 3.99 used writing on cover 1
ROCK LP ZZ TOP Rio Grande Mud London 6.99 used 1

WEIRD LP WIZARD OF OZ 6 Of Your Favorite Stories Peter Pan 4.99 used childrens stories 1

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