Sunday, February 24, 2008

New HC/Punk Staff Picks:

DYSTOPIA S/T Life Is Abuse LP 11.99 CD - 10.99
3rd album finally!!! At long last, the final Dystopia LP is now out! This record contains 6 new tracks, plus a cover of an unreleased song by Dino's old band CARCINOGEN. Recorded at Tim Green's LOUDER STUDIOS during various sessions between 2004-2005, this record is the last chapter of Dystopia's existence writing bleak and heavy doom-ridden punk. The LP has been released with an editon of 3,000 copies on clear vinyl, along with a color 20 page booklet. CD is out now and also contains a 20 page booklet.

INVASION s/t La VidaEs Un Mus LP 14.99 new
Invasion from Barcelona bring us 10 tracks of claustrophobic, intense, noisy and chaotic hardcore. Influenced equally by DISCHARGE and old Italian and Japanese bands their debut LP is a mix of pure anguish and anger. Their sound is dirty and direct and the vocal delivery is extremely crazy, using delay and echo effects that together with a primal recording and production create an atmosphere of pure desperation. Very similar to Kuro or a more gruff male Sacrilege. Great cover artwork, definitely have their own thing going on as a whole. Recommended.

YOUNG WASTENERS We Got Ways Hjernespind LP 19.99
There are some records that people just don’t have the balls to rip off. If I had a nickel for every clone band that came across my desk you can bet your ass I would be super sizing. But then there are bands like the Dead Kennedys, the Adolescents and the Bad Brains that no one would dare imitate. We all own their records and every band cites them as influences, but no one sounds like them. Denmark’s Young Wasteners recognized this crucial void in the punk/hardcore marketplace and sought to fill it. It’s difficult to articulate what exactly We Got Ways captures that so many other hardcore records fail to; perhaps it’s the overt melody apparent in the lead guitar, perhaps it’s lyrics that spew punk’s trademark bile outward at society rather than inward (which has been the trend in hardcore for the past few years), or maybe it’s just because the Young Wasteners are fronted by the best hardcore vocalist of the past fifteen years. It’s all 100% quality here folks… finally, a new record worthy of sitting next to the classics on your shelf of honor. People in the know are snatching these right off the boat, so if you happen to run across this slab yourself, thank the lord, purchase it, go immediately home and relive the days when you would sit in your bedroom spinning How Could Hell Be Any Worse over and over and over and over…

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