Friday, September 21, 2007


HIP HOP CD GETO BOYS, THE We Can't Be Stopped Rap-A-Lot 6.99 used

INDIE CD 25 SUAVES 1938 Bulb 8.99 used ltd version w cover silkscreened by Neil Burke/MRP
INDIE CD ARCADE FIRE Funeral Merge 4.99 used
INDIE CD BAUHAUS Volume 1 Beggars Banquet 7.99 used
INDIE CD BIRTHDAY PARTY, THE Prayers On Fire 2.13.61 6.99 used
INDIE CD BLACK HELICOPTER Invisible Jet Ecstatic Peace! 6.99 used
INDIE CD BONNIE PRINCE BILLY The Letting Go Drag City 6.99 used
INDIE CD BRANCA, GLEN Lesson No. 1 Acute 7.99 used
INDIE CD BUTCHIES 3' Mr Lady 4.99 used
INDIE CD CAN Soundtracks Mute 7.99 used
INDIE CD CAN Landed Mute 7.99 used
INDIE CD CHANCE, JAMES & THE CONTORTIONS Buy Z Records 7.99 used digipack w bonus tracks
INDIE CD CURE, THE Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me Elektra 3.99 used
INDIE CD DMONSTRATIONS Night Terrors, Shock! GSL 5.99 used
INDIE CD DNA DNA on DNA No More 7.99 used
INDIE CD EX, THE Starters Alternators Touch and Go 6.99 used
INDIE CD FALL, THE Wonderful and Frightening World Of the Fall Beggars Banquet 7.99 used
INDIE CD FOETUS Null Columbia 5.99 used
INDIE CD GUN CLUB, THE Fire Of Love Slash 7.99 used
INDIE CD LUSH Lovelife 4AD 4.99 used
INDIE CD MAGAZINE Real Life Virgin 6.99 used
INDIE CD MAKE-UP, THE Live! At Cold Rice Dischord 6.99 used
INDIE CD MC5 High Time Rhino 7.99 used
INDIE CD NADA SURF The Proximity Effect Mardev 3.99 used
INDIE CD OLIVIA TREMOR CONTROL, THE Music From The Unrealized film script: Dusk At Cubist Castle Elephant 6 Recording Co. 6.99 used
INDIE CD PEARL JAM I Got A Feeling Sirius 4.99 used Live In London 2/28/92
INDIE CD PEARL JAM I'm Still Alive Manic Monster Music 6.99 used 3 Live shows US tour 92
INDIE CD PEARL JAM Live In Cologne BMN 5.99 used Live March 8th 1992
INDIE CD PEARL JAM Small Club Paper Corn 4.99 used Live In Holland 1992
INDIE CD PERE UBU Dub Housing Thirsty Ear 7.99 used
INDIE CD PERE UBU Terminal Tower Geffen 7.99 used Singles, B-sides, rarities
INDIE CD PERE UBU The Art Of Walking Thirsty Ear 6.99 used
INDIE CD PERE UBU The Modern Dance Geffen 7.99 used
INDIE CD PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED Second Edition Warner Bros 7.99 used
INDIE CD PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED The Flowers of Romance Warner Bros 6.99 used
INDIE CD REV, MARTIN Cheyenne Mind Expansion 6.99 used Martin Rev from Suicide
INDIE CD SCISSOR GIRLS, THE Here Is The "Is Not" Atavistic 7.99 used
INDIE CD SHEEP ON DRUGS Double Trouble Invisible 5.99 used
INDIE CD SOME VELVET SIDEWALK Appetite For Extinction K 4.99 used
INDIE CD THEORETICAL GIRLS s/t Acute 7.99 used Glen Branca, Wharton Tiers, etc
INDIE CD UNREST Imperial FFFR Teen Beat 6.99 used
INDIE CD VARIOUS ARTISTS Songs From Cam Archers Film: Wild Tigers I Have Known Durtro 6.99 used with David Tibet, Nate Woods, Six Organs Of Admittance, Dan Kocher, Stephanie Volkmar, Djuna Bel, Pantaleimon, Current 93, Thomas ligotti, Emily Jane White
INDIE CD VON SUDENFED Tromatic Reflexxions Domino 6.99 used
INDIE EP RANCID HELL SPAWN Teenage lard Wrench 4.99 used
INDIE SHIRT CHRISTIAN DEATH Only Theatre Of Pain 7 used Large, White on a black shirt
INDIE VHS CURE, THE Greatest Hist Elektra 5.99 used 20+ videos on one vhs

JAZZ CD DAVIS, MILES Kind Of Blue Columbia 6.99 used

LOCAL CD ARAB ON RADAR Yahweh Or The Highway Skin Graft 7.99 used
LOCAL CD AREA C Traffics & Discoveries Last Visible Dog 6.99 used
LOCAL CD FORCEFIELD Roggaboggas Load 7.99 used
LOCAL CD LANDED Everything is Happening Vermiform 7.99 used
LOCAL CD SIX FINGER SATELLITE Law Of Ruins Sub Pop 7.99 used
LOCAL CD SIX FINGER SATELLITE The Pigeon Is the most Popular Bird Sub Pop 7.99 used
LOCAL CD WIZARDZZ Hidden City Of Taurmond Load 7.99 used
LOCAL EP NEUTRAL NATION Oil Pirate + 3 Bigbone 5.99 used
LOCAL SHIRT GET KILLED Logo/Ride The Rollercoaster self released 5 used Large, 2 sided white on black shirt
LOCAL SHIRT IT'S A FUCKING TRAP Logo/Knives self released 5 used Large, Light tan/gold on black shirt
LOCAL SHIRT NIGHTMARE CONTINUES, THE Logo self released 5 used Large, Red and white logo an black shirt

METAL CD AKERCOCKE The Goat Of Mendes Peaceville 5.99 used
METAL CD AMPUTATOR / BAPHOMETS HORNS Satanic Forcefucked Annihilation Old Cemetery 5.99 used
METAL CD ARCHGOAT Whore of Bethlehem Hammer of Hate 8.99 used
METAL CD ARCHGOAT Whore of Bethlehem Hammer of Hate 5.99 used
METAL CD ARKHON INFAUSTUS Hell Injection Osmose 6.99 used
METAL CD ATAVIST s/t Invada 7.99 used
METAL CD AUTOPHAGIA Postmortem Human Offal Bizarre Leprous 7.99 used
METAL CD AVA INFERI Burdens Seasons of Mist 6.99 used
METAL CD AZAGHAL Perkeleen Luoma Aftermath 7.99 used
METAL CD BEHEMOTH And the Forests Dream Eternally Metal Mind 7.99 used
METAL CD BLACKDEATH Saturn Spector ISO666 7.99 used
METAL CD CANDLEMASS Dactylis Glomerata Music for Nations 7.99 used
METAL CD CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN The Genocide Machine Death Vomit 4.99 used
METAL CD COCK AND BALL TORTURE Sadochismo Ablated 7.99 used
METAL CD CROWBAR Odd Fellows Rest Mayhem 6.99 used
METAL CD CRYFEMAL Escucha a los Muertos Regimental 7.99 used
METAL CD DARK FUNERAL The Secrets of the Black Arts Death 7.99 used
METAL CD DARKMOON WARRIOR In Fundus Inferiorum Obscure Abhorrence 7.99 used
METAL CD DARKTHRONE Transylvanian Hunger Peaceville 8.99 used
METAL CD DECEASED The 13 Frightened Souls Relapse 7.99 used
METAL CD DESTROYER 666 Phoenix Rising Renegade 3.99 used
METAL CD DISLIMB / DYSCRASIA Split Comatose 4.99 used
METAL CD DODSFERD / GANZMORD Doom and Destroy 7.99 used
METAL CD DROGHEDA Agents Of Primordial Creation and Ultimate Destruction Extremist 4.99 used 26 tracks grind!!
METAL CD ENSLAVED Vikingligr Velde + Nordanes Land Candlelight 9.99 used 2CD
METAL CD FUCK THE FACTS Stigmata High-Five Relapse 7.99 used
METAL CD FUNERAL ORATION Sursum Luna Avantgarde 6.99 used
METAL CD FUNERUS Festering Earth Ibex Moon 5.99 used
METAL CD GEHENNA WW Moon Fog 8.99 used
METAL CD GENGHIS TRON Cloak of Love Crucial Blast 4.99 used
METAL CD GOATHOLOCAUST / VOCIFERIAN Maitre Bouc Regimental 7.99 used
METAL CD GODLESS RISING Battle Lords Moribund 7.99 used
METAL CD GOSPEL OF THE HORNS Realm of the Damned Hells Headbanger 7.99 used
METAL CD GRAFENSTEIN Silence Endless Black Hate 8.99 used
METAL CD GRAVETEMPLE The Holy Down Southern Lord 7.99 used
METAL CD HERESI Psalm II: Infusco Ignis Hydra Head 7.99 used
METAL CD IC REX Sielun Kadoruksen Sinfonia Hammer of Hate 7.99 used
METAL CD ILDFROST Autumn Departure Cold Meat Industry 5.99 used
METAL CD IMMOLATION Harnessing Ruin Olympic 6.99 used 2CD
METAL CD INDUNGEON Machinegunnery of Doom Full Moon 7.99 used
METAL CD INTERNAL BLEEDING The Extinction of Benevolence Pavement 7.99 used
METAL CD KATHARSIS Kruzifixxion NED 7.99 used
METAL CD KATHARSIS World Without End Ajna 6.99 used
METAL CD LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY The Sound of Rancid Juices Sloshing Around Your Coffin Bones Brigade 7.99 used
METAL CD LIVIDITY The Age of Clitoral Decay United Guttural 7.99 used
METAL CD LUCIFUGUM And The Wheel Keeps Crunching 7.99 used
METAL CD LUTOMYSL I' Mquintessence Total Holocaust 7.99 used
METAL CD MANTICORE For Rats And Plague Deathgasm 5.99 used
METAL CD MARDUK Opus Nocturne Osmose 4.99 used
METAL CD MASTODON Lifesblood EP Relapse 2.99 used
METAL CD MASTODON Remission Relapse 3.99 used
METAL CD MORBID ANGEL The Beginning Fanclub 7.99 used the first demos from 1985 on CD
METAL CD MYSTIFIER The World Is So Good That Who Made It Doesn't Live Here Genocide Prod. 8.99 used
METAL CD NASUM Grind Finale Relapse 12.99 used 2CD double digipack in book 152 tracks…
METAL CD NASUM Helvete Relapse 7.99 used
METAL CD NECROS CHRISTOS Trivne Impvrity Rites Sepulchral Voice 5.99 used
METAL CD NIGHTBRINGER / TEMPLE OF NOT Rex Ex Ordine Throni Full Moon 7.99 used
METAL CD NILE Legacy of the Catacombs Relapse 8.99 used CD and DVD
METAL CD OBSKURE TORTURE Worship the Beast Time Before Time 6.99 used
METAL CD PERVERSE MONASTYR s/t Old Cemetery 7.99 used
METAL CD POGROM 1147 Black Metal Complete Old Temple 6.99 used
METAL CD PROCLAMATION Advent Of The Black Omen Nuclear War Now 5.99 used
METAL CD RABIES CASTE Let the Soul Out and Cut the Vein Earache 6.99 used
METAL CD REVENGE Attack. Blood. Revenge Dark Horizon 6.99 used
METAL CD ROTTING CHRIST The Mystical Meeting Unisound 8.99 used
METAL CD SATYRICON Dark Medieval Times Moonfog 8.99 used
METAL CD SATYRICON Rebel Extravaganza Nuclear Blast 8.99 used
METAL CD SILENCER Death - Pierce Me Autopsy Kitchen 7.99 used
METAL CD SODOM Agent Orange SPV 7.99 used
METAL CD SSORC Infidel Eternal Armageddon 7.99 used
METAL CD SUICIDAL WINGS Wrath of God Agonia 7.99 used
METAL CD VARIOUS ARTISTS Morbid Angel Tribute: Scream Forth Blasphemy Dwell 5.99 used Mangled, Centurian, Angel Corpse, Headhunter D.C., Withered Earth, Mystifier, Draconis, Black Witchery, Infamy, Damnation, Coffin Texts, The Chasm, Aurora Borealis, Exmortis
METAL CD VENOM Metal Black Castle 5.99 used
METAL CD VITRIOL s/t Neurot 5.99 used
METAL CD WALLACHIA From Behind The Light Velvet 8.99 used
METAL CD WOLFEN SOCIETY Conquer Divine No Fashion 5.99 used
METAL MAGAZINE OAKENTHRONE Number 5 Oakenthrone 7.99 used Awesome! Zine with Acrimonious, Adorior, Archgoat, Asunder, Blacklodge, Caina, Coffins, Cult of Daath, Dapnom, Harvey Milk, Moss, Necromorbus, Portal, Wold and a CD Compilation with Chaos Omen, Archgoat, Asunder, Blacklodge, Wold, Caina, Harvey Milk, Dapnom, Coffins, Acrimonious, Adorior, Portal, Cult of Daath, and Moss
METAL SHIRT BURNT BY THE SUN Soundtrack To The Personal Revolution Relapse 7 used Large, 2 sided white and gray on black shirt
METAL SHIRT DARKTHRONE Transilvanian Hunger Fanclub 7 used Large, White on black shirt
METAL SHIRT GORGOROTH 666 logo Fanclub 7 used Large, White on black shirt
METAL SHIRT XASTHUR Old Logo Fanclub 7 used Large, 2sided white on black shirt

NOISE CD AUBE / MSBR / MARUTANI 3 Cadavres Exquis E®ostate 7.99 used
NOISE CD BRIGHTER DEATH NOW The Slaughterhouse Functional 7.99 used
NOISE CD CHAOS AS SHELTER A Ruhr Hunter Glass Throat 5.99 used
NOISE CD COIL Eskaton 14 Eskaton 6.99 used
NOISE CD COIL Eskaton 16 Eskaton 6.99 used
NOISE CD COIL Eskaton 19 Eskaton 6.99 used
NOISE CD COIL The Angelic Conversation Threshold House 9.99 used
NOISE CD DEAD C, THE Future Artists Ba Da Bing 6.99 used
NOISE CD DEAD VOICES ON AIR VS NOT BREATHING A Fire in the Bronx Zoo Invisible 6.99 used
NOISE CD DRYFT Cell Possessive-Blindfold 4.99 used
NOISE CD LOCKWELD Industrial Requiem Dragon Flight 6.99 used
NOISE CD MUSLIM GAUZE Remixes Vol 2 Soleilmoon 7.99 used
NOISE CD MUSLIM GAUZE Speaking With Hamas Soleilmoon 7.99 used
NOISE CD NAVICON TORTURE TECHNOLOGIES The Church Of Dead Girls Malignant 9.99 used 2CD in huge 6 x 12 gatefold double digipack
NOISE CD PNEUMATIC DETACH Parases Re:Infected Hive 4.99 used
NOISE CD RICHARD RAMIREZ Memorial Praxis Dr Bearman 7.99 used
NOISE CD SLEEP CHAMBER Spellbound Submission Funf Und Verzig 6.99 used
NOISE CD STRATVM TERROR Genetic Implosion Old Europa Café 6.99 used
NOISE CD STRATVM TERROR Pain Implantations Malignant 6.99 used
NOISE CD STRATVM TERROR The Only True Septic Whore Slaughter Productions 6.99 used
NOISE CD TODAY, I'M DEAD I Close My Eyes Slaughter Productions 7.99 used
NOISE CD TODAY, I'M DEAD Menstrual Gold Slaughter Productions 7.99 used
NOISE CD TODAY, I'M DEAD The Anatomy Of Melancholy Slaughter Productions 7.99 used
NOISE CD VARIOUS ARTISTS Tonal Destruction DTA 8.99 used

PUNK/HARDCORE CD 9 SHOCKS TERROR Zen and the Art of Beating Your Ass Havoc 4.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD AGHAST / PARKINSON split All Systems Fail 3.99 used 3inch CD
PUNK/HARDCORE CD AMEBIX Make Some Fucking Noise! Arson 7.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD ANTISCHISM Still Life Prank 5.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD AS THE SUN SETS 7744 Undecided 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD ASSUCK Misery Index Sound Pollution 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD BEHIND ENEMY LINES One Nation Under The Iron Fist Of God Profane Existence 7.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD BOYSETSFIRE Live For Today Wind-up 5.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD CLASH, THE Give 'Em Enough Rope Epic 7.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD CONFLICT Rebellionj Sucks! Mortarhate 9.99 used 2CD anthology/Live
PUNK/HARDCORE CD CONVERGE / HELLCHILD Deeper The Wound Deathwish 4.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD DARKEST HOUR Deliver Us Victory 5.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD DAUGHTERS Hell Songs Hydra Head 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD DESTROY Discography Havoc 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD DOOM Rush Hour Of The Gods Flat Earth 4.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD DOOM World Of Shit Vinyl Japan 7.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD EARTH CRISIS Firestorm Victory 3.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD EARTH CRISIS Slither Victory 5.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD ECONOCHRIST Discography Ebullition 5.99 used 2CD
PUNK/HARDCORE CD EXPLOITED, THE Punks not Dead Captain OI! 4.99 used digipack with bonus tracks
PUNK/HARDCORE CD INEPSY City Weapons Feral Ward 5.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD LOCUST, THE New Erections Anti- 7.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD MEATMEN, THE Sutd Powercock: The Touch and Go Years 1981-1984 Touch and Go 7.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD NODES OF RANVIER Defined By Struggle Victory 4.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD NOVEMBER GROUP, THE Hang Us All As Traitors EM Records 3.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD SEEIN' RED Tour CD Kaal / Left Wing 4.99 used ltd to 500
PUNK/HARDCORE CD SEVERED HEAD OF STATE Discography Ebullition 4.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD SOOPHIE NUN SQUAD Pasizzle Slizzles the Drizzle Plan-it-X 3.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD SOUVENIR'S YOUNG AMERICA An Ocean Without Water Crucial Blast 4.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD SUBHUMANS From The Cradle To The Grave Bluurg 7.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD TOLSHOCK Pointless Stand Profane Existence Far East 3.99 used 3inch cd, ex Dom Dar swedish hc
PUNK/HARDCORE CD TRIBE 8 By The Time We Get To Colorado Outpunk 3.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD UK SUBS Quintessential New Red Archives 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD UNSEEN, THE So This Is Freedom A-F Records 5.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD UP FRONT Spirit Smorgasbord 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD US BOMBS Put Strength In The Final Blow Alive 4.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD VARIOUS ARTISTS Give Em The Boot Hellcat 4.99 used Rancid, The Slackers, Hepcat, The Pietasters, The Business, VooDoo Glow Skulls, Dropkick Murphy's, Skinnerbox, The Upbeat, Stubborn Allstars, The Gadjits, Union 13, US Bombs, Swingin Utters, The Skatalites, The Silencers, Pressure Point, Choking Victim, F-Minus, The Dave Hillyard Rocksteady 7
PUNK/HARDCORE CD VARUKERS, THE Murder Varukers 4.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD VERSE Rebuild Rival 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD VERSOMA Life During Wartime Robotic Empire 4.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD VOODOO GLOW SKULLS Southern California Street Music Victory 5.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD WIPERS, THE AND GERG SAGE The best Of… Restless 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE DVD ANTI-FLAG Death Of A Nation A-F Records 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE EP ASSHOLE PARADE / ANSOJUAN split Self Released 5.99 used out of print
PUNK/HARDCORE EP BLISTER Stitches Sabot 4.99 used ex-Christ On Parade, pre-Neurosis, Noah Landis
PUNK/HARDCORE EP IDORA s/t MCR Co. 8.99 used out of print Japanese HC Thrash
PUNK/HARDCORE EP REALITY CRISIS Who Is Your Messiah? Crust War 5.99 used Japanese Peacepunk Crust, out of print
PUNK/HARDCORE EP RED ALERT In Britain No Future 5.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE EP WIND OF PAIN / MONEY DRUG split Scream 3.99 used Finnish heavy crust split with Polish heavy crust
PUNK/HARDCORE LP CONVERGE Halo In A Haystack Earthmover 19.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE LP DRI Definition Rotten 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE SHIRT FORENSICS Things To Do When You Should Be Dead Anyway self released 7 used Large, White and dark brown on black
PUNK/HARDCORE VHS CRASS Christ The Movie Exitstencil Films 7.99 used w/booklet

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