Friday, September 21, 2007


INDIE VHS GRAVITY 37 VIDEO COMPILATION Various Artists Gravity 9.99 new Videos by Men's Recovery Project, Crom Tech, Make Up, Monorchid, and Autumn Fog

INDUSTRIAL VHS BIBLE OF SKIN Tale Napkin 9.99 new Film by Mark Hejnar, music by Pile Of Cows, disturbing video…

LOCAL CD DEATH VESSEL Stay Close North East Indie 9.99 new

METAL LP WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM Diadem Of Twelve Stars Southern Lord 19.99 new 2lp gatefold
METAL VHS BLACK SABBATH Live 5/27/99 West Palm Beach FL Fanclub 9.99 new
METAL VHS BLACK SABBATH Iron City Iron Men Fanclub 9.99 new Live June 12th 1999 Pittsburgh PA

PUNK/HARDCORE EP DRY ROT Subordinate Painkiller 4.99 new
PUNK/HARDCORE LP MIND ERASER Glacial Reign Painkiller 10.99 new orange
PUNK/HARDCORE VHS BURNING DISTRICT GUNMA Various Artists Fanclub 9.99 new Japanece HC comp with Fast And Noise Killers, Bear Craw, Yuichi Aoki, Dooms Day, Violent Mohawks
PUNK/HARDCORE VHS HARD & LOUD VOL 4 Various Artists MCR Co. 14.99 new Japanese import with Excrement Of War, Decadence Within, Nessun Dorma, and Pleasant Valley Children
PUNK/HARDCORE VHS LIVE AT THE SMELL 9/27/2001 Various Artists Fanclub 9.99 new DS13, Lack Of Interest, Life's Halt, The Aborted, Reagan SS
PUNK/HARDCORE VHS TOTAL FURY / THE OATH 2000 West Coast Tour Fanclub 9.99 new Live at Gilman St and live in Reno, NV

ROCK LP TANGERINE DREAM Force Majeure Virgin 12.99 new

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