Friday, September 21, 2007


GARAGE CD SIGN OFFS, THE s/t Disaster 6.99 used

INDIE CD FRANKLIN s/t Tree 6.99 used
INDIE CD PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES The new romance Matador 5.99 used

METAL CD BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME Colors That Bleed Victory 5.99 used
METAL CD ICED EARTH The Reckoning SPV 5.99 used
METAL CD LE SCRAWL Eager To Please Life Is Abuse 7.99 used
METAL CD LURKER OF CHALICE s/t Southern Lord 7.99 used
METAL CD MAHARAHJ Chapter One: The Descent Now Or Never 6.99 used
METAL CD MAHARAHJ Repetition Now Or Never 6.99 used
METAL CD NORTT / XASTHUR split Southern Lord 7.99 used
METAL CD OBITUARY Back From The Dead Roadrunner 5.99 used
METAL CD SIEGRID INGRID Pissed Off Rottheness 6.99 used
METAL VHS SEPULTURA Third World Chaos Roadrunner 7.99 used

PUNK/HARDCORE CD 24 IDEAS Discografia Completa Bcore Disc 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD ALIVE IN IRELAND Various Artists Rejected 6.99 used Wat Tyler, Ex-Cathedra, The Kabinboy, Jessee, Benefit CD recorded live @ The Warzone Collective in Belfast Ireland
PUNK/HARDCORE CD ALL Dot EP Cruz 3.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD ALL Pummel Interscope 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD ALLERGIS TO WHORES Shadows In The Killing Field Sound Pollution 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD ANOTHER BOSTON PUNK COMP. Various Artists Rodent Popsicle 4.99 used Toxic Narcotic, Shoot The Hostages, The Statistics, A Poor Excuse, August Spies, Mortarblast, Razorwire, Deguelo, 175 Grams, C.H.U.D., The Baby Shakers
PUNK/HARDCORE CD ARGIES Himnos De Combate 1986-2001 Coche Bomba 5.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD BARE KNUCKLE FIGHT Beaten Beyond Recognition Short Fuse 5.99 used Aussie HC
PUNK/HARDCORE CD BARRICADED SUSPECTS Various Artists Dr. Strange 6.99 used Peace Corpse, Human Therapy, Red Tide, Killroy, Romulans, Knockabouts, Abscess, Suburban Mutilation, Septic Death, The Dull, Massacre Guys, Decry, Roach Motel, Bonded In Unity, Mad Parade, One Hundredth Monkey, Vision Decay, Hue And Cry, Pillsbury Hardcore, Zimbo Chimps
PUNK/HARDCORE CD BLISTER Glitches World 6.99 used Noah Landis from Christ On Parade / Neurosis
PUNK/HARDCORE CD BLOODTHIRSTY BUTCHERS s/t Bacteria Sour 8.99 used from Japan on Pushead's label
PUNK/HARDCORE CD CALL IT WHATEVER YOU WANT Various Artists Snapshot 5.99 used Aussie HC comp with: Drawback, Fallout, Lentil Soup, Noisam, Coach, Walsh St Cop Killers, Self Reliance, Degrade, SUX, Price Of Silence, Forward Defence, Volatile, Pitfall, Terrible Virtue, Flycop, Cease Fire
PUNK/HARDCORE CD CHEAP SHOTS & LOW BLOWS Various Artists TKO 4.99 used TKO singles and Ep's Collection Volume 1: One Man Army, The Forgotten, Workin' Stiffs, Templars, Lower Class Brats, Anti-Heros, Dropkinc Murphys, The Bodies, Dead End Cruisers, The Randumbs, The Truents
PUNK/HARDCORE CD CHERNOBYL: ENDLESS TRAGEDY Various Artists Friendly Cow 4.99 used Seein' Red, Anarcrust, Propaghandi, Inquisition, I Spy, Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon, Rhythym Collision, Schwarzeneggar and more…
PUNK/HARDCORE CD CHRISTIANSEN Forensics Brothers and Sisters! Revelation 5.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD CHUMBAWAMBA Tubthumper Republic 4.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD CIRCLE STORM Character Assassin Revelation 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD COLD WORLD None Of Your Business Lost & Found 7.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD COMBAT WOUNDED VETERAN Duck Down For The Torso No Idea 5.99 used promo
PUNK/HARDCORE CD CREEP RECORDS LIVE VOL 1: DESTROY THE CREEP HOUSE Various Artists Creep 4.99 used Suspects, Violent Society, Boils, Kill The Man Who Questions
PUNK/HARDCORE CD DAGDA, THE s/t Enslaved 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD DECAY Destiny Suburban Home 6.99 used Japanese HC ala Sick Of It All
PUNK/HARDCORE CD DESOBEDIENCIA CIVIL No hay libertad sin desobedienca Cryptas 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD DRONES, THE Live In Japan 45 Revolutions 7.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD EAST BAY CHASERS, THE Johnny Is A Junky Cheetah's 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD EVERY TIME I DIE Gutter Phenomenon Ferret 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD EX-FORK What's Next, Tomorrow? Cool Guy 4.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD FASTER & LOUDER: HARDCORE PUNK VOL 2 Various Artists Rhino 6.99 used Zero Boys, Husker Du, Wire, Subhumans, Germs, Fear, X, Agent Orange, Negative Approach, Naked raygun, Dils, Stranglehold, Wipers, DYS, Black Market Baby, GG Allin, CH3
PUNK/HARDCORE CD FOR A FISTFUL OF YENS Various Artists Bitzcore 4.99 used Alloy, Apartment 3g, Articles Of Faith, Attitude Adjustment, Black Market Baby, Vic Bondi, China Drum, Cocksparrer, Flag Of Democracy, Jones Very, Leatherface, Offenders, Poison Idea, Reflex From Pain, The Freeze, Toxic Reasons, United Mutation, Verbal Abuse, Zero Boys
PUNK/HARDCORE CD FOREHEADS Guilty Finn 5.99 used Sewdish All Girl HC
PUNK/HARDCORE CD FORSTELLA FORD Insincerity Down To An Art Form Mountain 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD FREEZE, THE Rabid Reaction Taang! 7.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD FUCK OFF HOUSEHOLD NAME Various Artists Household Name 4.99 used Medulla Nocte, Hard To Swallow, Knuckledust, Indecision, Lockdown, Canvas, Imbalance, Stampin' Ground, Assert, Taint, Ceasefire, and more
PUNK/HARDCORE CD GIVE UP THE GHOST Love American Bridge Nine 4.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD GRADE And Such Is Progress Second Nature 7.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD HAIL MARY All Aboard The Sinking Ship Vermiform 7.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD HIMSA s/t Revelation 4.99 used Blackout +2
PUNK/HARDCORE CD I KILL WHAT I EAT Various Artists Ecocentric 6.99 used Rupture, ABC Diabolo, No Fraud, Beyond Description, Forca Macabra, Hellnation, THC, Disorder, Armicide, Toxic Narcotic, Pink Flamingos, Scrawl, Faces Of Dead, Patareni
PUNK/HARDCORE CD INSTANT GIRL Post-coital Allied 6.99 used ex - Spitboy
PUNK/HARDCORE CD JIHAD Old Testament Makoto 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD JMKE Gringode Kultur Cuacha 6.99 used punk from Estonia
PUNK/HARDCORE CD KILLING TIME Brightside Victory 4.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD KILL THE MESSENGER All The Angels Crash And Burn Indecision 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD LA MERMA Saludo Al Tirano Coche Bomba 4.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD LEGION 666 Kiss The Goat Schizophrenic 7.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD MENTAL Yo Lockin' Out 7.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD MERE DEAD MEN Stacks, Stilettos, Make-up, & Mohicans High Society 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD MY HERO DIED TODAY The City Will Pay For This Schematics 5.99 used Released by Steve from Assuck, devastating metallic hc from Germany
PUNK/HARDCORE CD NATIONS ON FIRE Burn Again Strive 5.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD NAUSEA The punk Terrorist Anthology Vol. 1 Alternative Tentacles 7.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD NEMIRAH Via telepathy Redwood 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD NOBACON, DANBERT The Unfairy Tale Sky And Trees 9.99 used of Chumbawumba
PUNK/HARDCORE CD ONE DAY CLOSER Songs Of Silence Coalition 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD ORANGE Welcome to The World Of… Hellcat 5.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD OUTCRY 8 SongCD Don't Belong 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD PINHEAD CIRCUS Everything Else Is A Far Gone Conclusion BYO 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD PUNK GENERATION: NASTY NASTY Various Artists Castle 6.99 used Sham 69, Exploited, Cockney Rejects, Anti Nowhere League, Lurkers, Stiff Little Fingers, Angelic Upstarts, 999, UK Subs, Business, Blitz, Peter & The Test Tube Babies, Gonads, Guitar Gangsters, Red Alert, Chron Gen, The Abs, Distorted Truth, The Crack, The Blood
PUNK/HARDCORE CD RAW POWER Burning The Factory Grand Theft Audio 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD REDUCERS SF Crappy clubs and smelly pubs TKO 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD REJECTED VOLUME III Various Artists Rejected 5.99 used Blood Or Whiskey, The Dickies, Skint, Restarts, Pink Turds In Space, Steam Pig, Runnin Riot, Strinkein DC, Oi Polloi, UK Subs, Cowboy Killers, Leatherface, Ex-Cathedra, Toxic Waste, Bleeding Rectum, Noise Pollution
PUNK/HARDCORE CD RUTS: A TRIBUTE TO THE RUTS Various Artists Rejected 6.99 used Ex-Cathedra, The Bloody Mutants, Wat Tyler, Steam Pig, Striknein DC, The Rude Boys, Red Alert, Bad Influence, Adolf & The Piss Artists, Runnin Riot, and more
PUNK/HARDCORE CD SELECTER, THE Cruel Britannia Harry May 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD SHIT GETS SMASHED Various Artists East Bay Menace 6.99 used East Bay comp with Hot Rod Shopping Cart, Multi-Facet, Ojorojo, Mickey & The Big Mouths, Loaded, Squat, El Dopa, Strychnine, Ape Face, Masterbaiter
PUNK/HARDCORE CD SIREN Becoming Wheels Cool Guy 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD SKULLS, THE Therapy For The Shy Dr. Strange 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD SOD'N'DAN s/t Self Released 6.99 used Slovenian HC Thrash Crust, awesome
PUNK/HARDCORE CD SOUND OF REBELLION, THE Various Artists ADD 5.99 used The Unseen, The Discocks, Defiance, Banner Of Hope, Braindance, Anti-Flag, Broken, The Casualties, Oxymoron, Blanks 77
PUNK/HARDCORE CD SPIRIT OF YOUTH Colors That Bleed Good Life 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD SQUAT It's All Over New Red Archives 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD STRIKNEIN DC Horses For Courses Rejected 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD SWINDLE This Is Not A Test Slow Gun 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD TERROR FIRMER Various Artists Go Kart 7.99 used Soundtrack to Troma Film with: Less Than Jake, Sick Of It All, Melvins, Anti-Flag, Ensign, All, NOFX, Gwar, Vandals, Rocket From The Crypy, Candy Snatchers, Bouncing Souls, Vision Of Disorder, Down By Law, Toilet Boys, Parasites, Girls Against Boys, Entombed
PUNK/HARDCORE CD TRUENTS, THE Enery Day Of The Week TKO 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD TRUSTY Goodbye Dr Fate Dischord 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD UK SUBS Killing Time New Red Archives 7.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD UK SUBS Endangered Species New Red Archives 7.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD UNIT PRIDE Then An Now Mankind 7.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD UNSEEN, THE The Anger And The Truth BYO 7.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD UP + DOWN: INTERNATIONAL PUNK ROCK COMPILATION Various Artists Incognito 7.99 used Zarkonas, Rhythym Collision, Void Section, Madels No Madels, Broken Toys, Bullocks, Swoons, Sect, Disgrace, Wat Tyler, Funeral Dress, Dirty Scums, Red Letter Day, and more
PUNK/HARDCORE CD US BOMBS Lost in America, live 2001 Disaster 7.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD VICE SQUAD Lavender Hill Mob Combat Rock 5.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD VIOLENT HORNSBY STRAIGHTEDGE Various Artists Snapshot 4.99 used Aussie SxE comp with Meataxe, Spastic Van, VBS, Fistfull, Nintendo Police
PUNK/HARDCORE CD VODOO GLOW SKULLS Southern California Street Music Victory 5.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE CD WHAT WERE WE FIGHTING FOR? Various Artists Know 4.99 used Tribute to the Dead Kennedys with: Arson Family, Gob, Electric Frankenstein, The Dread, Anal Cunt, Eyelid, Visual Discrimination, No Fraud, Blanks 77, Insult, Final Conflict, and more
PUNK/HARDCORE DVD CONVERGE The Long Road Home Deathwish 6.99 used
PUNK/HARDCORE LP PHILLIPPE The Essence Continues Flower Violence 6.99 used

ROCK LP ELOY Silent Cries And Mighty Echoes Electrola 12.99 used
ROCK LP ELOY Time to Turn Electrola 12.99 used
ROCK LP EPITAPH Live Metronome 12.99 used
ROCK LP JANE Age Of Madness Metronome 16.99 used
ROCK LP JANE Sign No 9 Metronome 16.99 used
ROCK LP JANE At Home Live Metronome 19.99 used 2 LP
ROCK LP SCHMOELLING, JOHANNES Wuivend Riet Life Style 8.99 used 2 LP
ROCK LP SCHOENER, EBERHARD Video Magic Harvest 10.99 used
ROCK LP SCHULZE, KLAUS Audentity Roadrunner 15.99 used
ROCK LP TANGERINE DREAM Tangram Virgin 6.99 used
ROCK LP TANGERINE DREAM Stratosfear Virgin 8.99 used
ROCK LP TANGERINE DREAM Le Parc Relativity 8.99 used
ROCK LP TANGERINE DREAM Tyger Caroline 9.99 used with poster and press kit
ROCK LP TANGERINE DREAM Dolphin Dance Relativity 6.99 used
ROCK LP TANGERINE DREAM Underwater Sunlight Relativity 8.99 used
ROCK LP VON DEYEN, ADELBERT Eclipse Sky 16.99 used
ROCK VHS BUCKLEY, JEFF Live In Chicago CMV 4.99 used
ROCK VHS GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS Ferry Cross The Mersey Movie Fanclub 5.99 used

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