Monday, January 28, 2013

MAGIC CIRCLE "s/t" CD Out Now!!

Armageddon Shop is proud to announce that the MAGIC CIRCLE self titled full length CD is now available via Armageddon Shop.

Recorded in 2011 at the infamous Paincave in Massachusetts and mastered by Carl Saff who did the recent ELDER 12" we released in 2012.

Drawing from classic NWOBHM and traditional metal influences, this five piece comprised of veteran local musicians have turned out a well crafted solid as hell metal album. They've definitely done their listening homework over the years. Strong and catchy songs, heavy but not tuned down, recorded well but not overproduced, it captures the old DIY ethic of metal in the early 80's. The vocals have an almost Ozzy quality at times, solid as hell. We're totally stoked on this record!

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