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Armageddon Shop New Arrivals 06/05/10

Here's the new arrivals for this week. 270+ new & used items have been added to the inventory. Tons of new and re-stocked titles, used items in the post below the new items posting. Still working on adding all the recent used stuff to the inventory.

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BOOK MAGAZINE SPECIAL INTERESTS #1 Power Electronics, Industrial Noise, Experimental Avantgarde Ambient Freak Animal 6.99 new 52 page magazine with: Shift, Wertham, Murderous Vision, Skin Graft, Kadaver, Dissecting Table, Clew Of Theseus, Breathing Problem, Sewer Goddess, Art Of Analogue Tape article, Lasse Marhaug, Eric Lunde, Mike Conelly, Keranen, Sickness, Martin Bladh and reviews 1

BOOK MAGAZINE SUBMIT TO SATAN Vol 1 2010 Self Released 6 new 22 pages with artwork from 17 different artists, including Dan Bones, Yulia Coburn, Mark Gibson, Jess Holzworth, Nick James, Matt Jones, Emi Kariya, Greg McKeighan, Akiko Niimura, Natalie Purkey, Kalle Runeson, Sara Shapouri, Jocelyn Shipley, Thom Snith., Tetsunori Tawaraya, Christauf Wright, Pippi Zornoza 5

LOCAL CD A TROOP OF ECHOES Days In Automation Self Released 9.99 new 3

METAL CD ZENI GEVA Maximum Money Monster Cold Spring 13.99 new UK Import Reissue of the legendary debut CD by Zeni Geva, originally released by Pathological Records in 1990. Prepare yourself for the pounding, monolithic Japanese noise / doom / post-rock barrage that is Zeni Geva. For fans of early Swans. Zeni Geva is Kazuyuki K. Null, Mitsuru Tabata (ex-Boredoms), Ikuo Taketani and Tatsuya Yoshida. Comes with 3 bonus, previously unreleased tracks, recorded live in Tokyo 1988-1989. 2

NOISE CASSETTE ANALS, THE / SHEARING PINX split Isolated Now Waves 4.99 new ltd to100 numbered copies 2
NOISE CASSETTE NU SENSAE s/t OMS-B 4.99 new Live Performance Portland OR 2008 1
NOISE CD AFFLUX Boquetot/Paris/Port Jerome Groundfault 9.99 new Series I 1
NOISE CD ARCANE DEVICE Devices 1987-2007 Monochrome Vision 18.99 new Russian Import 2CD Anthology of rare and previously unreleased tracks by Arcane Device, recorded within the 20 years. It is divided into two parts. The first one consists of tracks from compilations issued by Subterranean Records, Tragic Figures, SFCR Tapes, and Generations Unlimited, but also unreleased material remastered and/or remixed in 2007. The second one is subtitled as "Feedback symphony" and based on various recordings, presented in four movements and finished in 2007. One more chance to approve the exceptional skills and compositional/technical talent of David Myers who can control the electrons by will, creating fantastic soundscapes. 1
NOISE CD ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE & PBK Transphere 1997-1999 Erewhon 11.99 new AMT & PBK use each other as source material, last track is a recording made by AMT of 'children with learning disabilities listening to PBK, manipulating paper and scissors.' Which is exactly what it is - a distant PBK electronica with rustling noises over the top, little local noises, and then a child crying and another vocalising. Quite bizarre, but strangely it works. 1
NOISE CD ASHTRAY NAVIGATIONS / SANDOZ LAB TECHNICIANS / R.O.T. & TOSS Split Veglia 9.99 new Belgian Import, This is a 3 band split cd featuring two of the best free noise units around as well as a group we hadn't heard until now. Ashtray Navigations (from the U.K.) contribute two tracks of delicate screech and rumbling flutter as well as a lovely live track of what sounds like processed radio static with slight melodic traces transmitted from somewhere below the surface of the earth. New Zealand's Sandoz Lab Technicians spread out a minimal wash of low end hum and far away melody, laying heavily atop wistful strains of some mysterious refrain, all murky tinkle and chime. Finally R.O.T./Toss offer up some good old fashioned Skullflower-style guitar drone/feedback hypnotics, but with a more trance-y dream feel. Really great! 1
NOISE CD BASTARD NOISE Three Dollar Date +3 House Pig 8.99 new Classic Bastard Noise oscillation frenzy! This 3" pro-pressed cd reissues the hard-to-find 1998 7" from A.I.P.R. Records in miniature! Hard analog oscillations and punishing attack from the cackling skull. As a bonus, it includes their side of the obscure 7" split with Hermit! Comes with a free magnifying glass, so you can peruse the ultra-micro inserts in style. Hand-painted & printed sealed envelope, with two inserts, limited to 500 copies 2
NOISE CD BASTARD NOISE Atomskull House Pig 13.99 new 1
NOISE CD BASTARD NOISE / DEFEKTRO Metal And Bone Servitude Last Gasp Art Labratories 13.99 new Thumbprint press cover 1
NOISE CD BLANK FIELD Various Artists Alien8 9.99 new This collection of excerpts features live segments from Oren Ambarchi, Daniel Menche, Merzbow, Shunichiro Okada, Manon Anne Gillis and Michael Northam. The live material has been mixed, edited and mastered by Francisco López. Track indexes are in place so the listener has the option of skipping to specific segments if desired. 1
NOISE CD BURKE, DAN & THOMAS DIMUZIO Upcoming Events No Fun 11.99 new 1
NOISE CD C.C.C.C. Early Works Box Set No Fun 41.99 new Ltd to 1000 4xCD "Box set from Japanese psychedelic noise legends C.C.C.C. collecting unreleased live material,including very early recordings from some of their first shows in 1990 and their 1992 us tour, along some long unvailible studio classics like the Phantasmagoria tape. Extensive liner notes by original member Fumio Kosakai ( now in Incapacitants,and many others) about the band beginings and his take on the C.C.C.C. vision. An essential document in the unique C.C.C.C. sound which Kosakai describes best as "psychedelic, cosmic and erotic". produced by C.C.C.C. founder Hiroshi Hasegawa. Extensive audio restoration and mastering by James Plotkin. Comes in deluxe slipcase box and digipack packaging. 1
NOISE CD CHERRY POINT, THE Black Witchery PAC Rec 7.99 new 1
NOISE CD CHERRY POINT, THE Night Of The Bloody Tapes Troniks 9.99 new 1
NOISE CD CONTAGIOUS ORGASM From The Irresponsible Country Sounds PAC Rec 7.99 new 1
NOISE CD CONTAGIOUS ORGASM The Flow Of Sound Without Parameter Groundfault 9.99 new Series II 2
NOISE CD DEMONS Evocation No Fun 11.99 new 1
NOISE CD DOVE YELLOW SWANS Live During War Crimes Release The Bats 10.99 new Swedish Import, a collection with the best parts from various older releases, all remastered and edited to work as a new fullenght album. the result is a epic mayhem. 6 songs in about 47 minutes. a industrial wasteland of futuristic electronics, hypnotic feedback assaults and atmospheric drones - a beautiful, yet grim, sonic bliss. the material is taken from the dusk tape (released on jyrk, the bands own imprint), the demonic cdr (hung like a horse) and the drill cdr (snse). everything was recorded live between may and june 2004 1
NOISE CD EMERALDS What Happened No Fun 11.99 new 2
NOISE CD EVIL MOISTURE / HANATARASH Fatanarchy On Airtube Harbinger / Tochnit Aleph 13.99 new Euro Import ltd to 500, The long-awaited collaboration by Yamatsuka Eye ( The Boredoms, etc ) & Andy Bolus is available ! Performed, mixed & designed between 1994 to 2004, this is as weird & confusing as it can get. Includes draw-dropping takes on "Eye of the tiger " and ( The Exploited's ) "Sex and violence" 2
NOISE CD FE-MAIL Voluptuous Vultures Psychform 13.99 new The Voluptuous Vultures album from this electronics/noise duo consisting of MAJA RATKJE and HILD SOFIE TAFJORD, both known from the anarchistic improv quartet SPUNK. A rolling thunder of mayhem that combines all of these elements with the spazmatically beautiful vocal stylings of Ratkje. The first track, “Valkyrie Procession‚” sneaks up on you with a heartbeat like drone of noise that progresses into what seems to be an electronic orchestra tuning up for the blitzkrieg ahead. Soon, Maja bursts onto the field with a verbal assault and the madness overwhelms. 1
NOISE CD GENDREAU, MICHAEL Vitoj Auscultare Research 10.99 new aka CRAWLING WITH TARTS 1
NOISE CD GOATVARGR s/t Cold Spring 13.99 new UK Import A harsh journey of sound structures summoned from the deepest caverns of Hell by the scene's most prolific madmen, Nordvargr (SE) and Goat (USA). Working with each other's source material, they offer up a brutal and violent masterpiece. Not just a head on noise album, but a refined symphony of bestial lust, worship and violence. Goatvargr is an assault on the senses, appealing to both the metal and noise scenes (for fans of MZ.412). Ltd x 1000 in gloss digipak 2
NOISE CD GOVERNMENT ALPHA Sporadic Spectra Groundfault 9.99 new Series III 1
NOISE CD GRUNTSPLATTER Pest Maiden PAC Rec 7.99 new 1
NOISE CD GUILTY CONNECTOR Cosmic Trigger / 2am Visit Groundfault 9.99 new Series III 1
NOISE CD GX JUPITTER-LARSEN + ALLAN ZANE Banjax Somnimage Corporation 10.99 new The master-minds behind The Haters (G.X. Jupitter-Larsen) and WYRM (Allan Zane) have finally tag-teamed on a full-length CD--'Banjax'. A collaborative/conceptual (of course!!!) project, 'Banjax' will not only satisfy the appetites for those of the "aesthetics" of "noise", but also appeal to those with a sensibility for "dark ambiance" to boot! When worlds collide, if you will... Standard edition of 900. 1
NOISE CD HAIR POLICE Certainty Of Swarms No Fun 11.99 new 1
NOISE CD HIJOKAIDAN Modern Alchemy 19.99 new Japanese Import 1
NOISE CD HIJOKAIDAN Romance Alchemy 19.99 new Japanese Import 1
NOISE CD HIJOKAIDAN Tapes Alchemy 19.99 new Japanese Import 1
NOISE CD HIJOKAIDAN Viva Angel Alchemy 19.99 new Japanese Import 1
NOISE CD JAPUSSY 2000 Come in More To The Inside, And Thrust And Move My Impulse SSSM 8.99 new Contagious Orgasm related project More fast paced, quickly changing electronic music and samples from this japanese artist. 1
NOISE CD JAPUSSY 2000 Live Sex. Click Here SSSM 8.99 new Contagious Orgasm related project More fast paced, quickly changing electronic music and samples from this japanese artist. 1
NOISE CD KK NULL Galactic Tornado Quasipop 11.99 new Russian Import, The album “Galactic Tornado” by Mr. Kazuyuki Kishino (KK NULL) presents the deep, dense & dynamic electronic music. It's unconditional, intuitive and highly emotional excellent audio-work. Combining synthetic sounds from various synthesizers and electronic machines with acoustic audio signals, the composer explores (from his own point of view) some artistic values of “psychedelic electronic sound” that were widly presented on space/electronic/kraut albums from 70s, recommended for listeners of sound from the groups such as Popol Vuh, Cluster or even Tangerined Dream.. 1
NOISE CD KOUHEI MATSUNAGA & NIKO SKORPIO "CD" Deserted Factory 9.99 new There are 17 tracks from Kouhei as well as 5 tracks from Skorpio who is from Turku Finland. The Kouhei tracks are in collaboration with Koyzeu, Rudolf, Raionbashi, Frans de Waard, Phroq, Lasse Marhaug, Niko Skorpio, Gintas K, Zenial, Calros Giffoni, Ibrahim Terzic, Lesser, O-pi-O, Sort Mel, Eimontas Ciuta, Mattin and Greg Davis 1
NOISE CD L/A/B Psychoacoustics Groundfault 9.99 new Series II 1
NOISE CD LOCKWELD Eutectic Groundfault 9.99 new Series II 1
NOISE CD LULL Collected Works Manifold 10.99 new The ultimate in drift and darkness! A collection of rare and unreleased compilation tracks formed within the deepest nightmares of Mick Harris (Scorn, Quoit, ex-Napalm Death). Tracking the work from the very first track Lull created; 'Hung' to the haunting nineteen-minute 'Closed In', previously found only on vinyl. Seven works of sublime uneasiness that surround the listener, filling the room with a restful sort of darkness. Includes unreleased material. 1
NOISE CD LUX MAMMOTH Hertz Circus LM 6.99 new Australian, Cat Hopes group from the Extreme Music from Women CD on Susan Lawly 1
NOISE CD MASONNA Ultimate Collection 1 Alchemy 19.99 new Japanese Import 2
NOISE CD MASONNA Ultimate Collection 2 Alchemy 19.99 new Japanese Import 2
NOISE CD MENCHE, DANIEL Beast Resonator Roggbif Records 14.99 new All percussion/concussions & voice by Daniel Menche. Recorded in the fall of 2005 in Portland, Oregon & mastered in the Analog Domain by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic Mastering. Sleeve designed & silkprinting by Sten Ove Toft. Pictures by Daniel Menche. 1
NOISE CD MENCHE, DANIEL Eye On The Steel Subtractif / Alien8 10.99 new The sound on “Eye on the Steel” is heavily based around drones, pulses and ambient noise, falling somewhere in the territories often treaded by labels such as Mego and Ant Zen. When we asked Menche what the sound sources behind “Eye on the Steel” were his response was that the record was his most diverse offering yet and included loads of different sound sources. His work often stems from sound sources as varied as the body (heart, skin, lungs, larynx) and natural field recordings relying on wind, animals or insects, water, fire, and stones to crude, lo-fi, and primitive electronics, broken microphones, damaged speakers, antique audio equipment, truck horns, mangled drones from instruments such as accordions, melodicas, organs, and bass guitars with heavy gauged strings 1
NOISE CD MERZBOW Anicca Cold Spring 13.99 new UK Import The first track on Merzbow's latest opus was recorded at Tin Pan Alley studios, London, on 20th April 2008 - the day after his momentous performance at ULU. Akita created an astounding and very unique 20-minute track, playing freestyle drums over his trademark noise. The final 2 tracks were created at Munemi House in Tokyo. Another fine example of why Merzbow is the undisputed King of Japanese Noise! 58 minutes in total 1
NOISE CD MERZBOW Live Destruction At No Fun 2007 No Fun 11.99 new 1
NOISE CD MERZBOW Tombo Fellacoustic 13.99 new Masami Akita is back with his newest offering of early era Merzbow (it appears Masami went back in time and brought his EMS synth back to accompany his current eco friendly stance). Tombo is 3 tracks of sheering high frequency psychedelic sound experimentations proving once again why Masami Akita is the king of all noise musicians. 1
NOISE CD MERZBOW / CARLOS GIFFONI / JIM O'ROURKE Electric Dress No Fun 11.99 new 1
NOISE CD MERZBOW / SUTCLIFFE JUGEND / SATORI split Cold Spring 11.99 new UK Import ltd to 1000 Released on the occasion of Merzbow, Sutcliffe Jügend and Satori at ULU, London, 19th April 2008. Japanese Noise, Power Electronics and Fortean Electronics from these 3 giants of the Noise / Industrial scene, with one exclusive studio track from each act. 2
NOISE CD MUKAI CHIE / YAMAMOTO SEI-ICHI / ERIC CORDIER Enkidu/Hasselt Turtle's Dream 10.99 new Live recording from the European tour of Enkidu in October / November 2002, to the invitation of Densit/ festival (France). Chie Mukai (kokyu, drums, voice), Sei'ichi Yamamoto (guitar, flute, voice) & Eric Cordier (hurdy-gurdy & electronics). 1
NOISE CD MURMER They Were Dreaming They Were Stones Groundfault 9.99 new Series I 1
NOISE CD NEW BLOCKADERS / GOSPLAN TRIO Sound Sketch For Raging Flames Klanggalerie 19.99 new UK Import ltd to 350 copiesThis album is definitely one of the strangest recordings you will ever hear from The New Blockaders. Alexei Borisov's Gosplan Trio add a free jazz touch to the Rupenus brothers' noisy sound collages. The result is a unique hybrid of styles, and something quite unexpected from these British masters of noise and anti-art. 1
NOISE CD ONOMATOPOEIA A Marble Holder From Andover Sheeses International 9.99 new UK Import, putting aside the wacky persona of Mr. Cheese and forgetting that he associates with the likes of Smell & Quim, ConDom, the Rective crew and others you'll be suprised to hear such a well done 20 minute piece of soundscape material. recorded in 1996. 1
NOISE CD PAIN JERK / INCAPACITANTS Live At The No Fun Fest 2007 No Fun 11.99 new 1
NOISE CD PHILLIPS, DAVE IIIII Groundfault 9.99 new Series II 1
NOISE CD PHILLIPS, DAVE & R.H.Y. YAU Illusion Is A Natural Condition Auscultare Research 12.99 new Dave Philips + R.H.Y. Yau presents “Illusion Is A Natural Condition" , the long anticipated Phillips + Yau collaborations culled between 2000–2005. D ave Phillips began his musical career when he was 17, co-founding the hardcore extremists Fear of God in 1987. As Fear of God developed Phillips began to see that their faster, shorter, noisier approaches to grindcore were merely a springboard for more psychologically challenging and physically demanding artforms. Soon after Fear of God’s demise in 1989, he joined the actionist Schimpfluch-Gruppe which has followed the traditions of abjection and transgression as dictated by the Viennese Aktionists. Phillips has further developed these transgressions along with sociopolitical actionism in his solo efforts. R .H.Y. Yau is a curator and sound artist who has been active in the sonic arts since 1993. Yau’s sonic works are inspired by sound poetry, actionism, and the processes of musique concrete. 1
NOISE CD PRURIENT Shipwrecker's Diary Groundfault 9.99 new Series III 2
NOISE CD PRURIENT The Black Post Society Cold Spring 13.99 new UK Import 2
NOISE CD RAPOON AND BIRDS OF TIN Monomyth Manifold 10.99 new The driving percussion of Rapoon (Robin Storey, ex-Zoviet France) is woven perfectly with the light, introspective drifts of Birds Of Tin. “Monomyth” manages to sound both tribal and futuristic all at once. A flight over haunted, surreal byways, drifting ambient landscapes, the joining point of all spiritual elements and ideas. This record is what all collaborations try to achieve: the best techniques of two artists, melded into something beyond either. 1
NOISE CD RICHARD RAMIREZ / CRAWLING IRIS collaboration Deadline 9.99 new 1
NOISE CD RSUNDIN Sleepwalk Groundfault 9.99 new Series I 1
NOISE CD RUDOLF EB.ER (RUNZELSTRIN & GURGLESTOCK) 23 Brutal-Humouroid Dramas By Rudolf Eb/er Tochnit Aleph 13.99 new Swiss Import, Finally the all new Studio-Album by Rudolf recorded at the Mental Hospital. All Accoustics 2004 by Rudolf at Schimpfluch-Commune Japan. A radical psycho-accoustic document. Comes with 12page fullcolour booklet designed by Rudolf / Hate Operations. Listen for therapeutical use only. Edition of 500 copies 1
NOISE CD SIX DOORS Various Artists House Pig 9.99 new features six fantastic tracks ranging from the single-source sorcery of Aube, the caveman electronics of Bastard Noise (wood/nelson), guitar versus electronics dronework from Gulity Connector & Tabata, submerged synths from Luasa Raelon, lonesome Rhodes from Unicorn, and dank atmospheric creepout from Oblong Box. Six tracks and 71 minutes 1
NOISE CD SLEEP RESEARCH FACILITY Dead Weather Machine Manifold 10.99 new Dark exquisite ambient, simply perfect. The titanic waves of impenetrable sonics slowly swing from out of the far-away darkness like the tentacles of some galaxy-sized beast, moving through clouds with the power of a silk-covered sledgehammer, thudding at the other side of the world. Several tracks of slightly differing technique are just chilling, huge and deep... scary deep. Like the electrically-charged shade of Lustmord's 'Place Where The Black Stars Hang'." label description 1
NOISE CD SLEEP RESEARCH FACILITY Deep Frieze Cold Spring 10.99 new UK Import, Ultra deep, glacial Dark Ambient, based around Antarctic co-ordinates. The polar regions are awe-inspiring environments of inhospitable minimalism, and at the same time there's a beautiful serenity to be found in their uncharted bleakness. There's a powerful purity and a timelessness to be found there; snow which has lain un-trampled for millennia and ice which formed eons ago; mountain ranges and deserts and rivers to be found if you look. 'Deep Frieze' is SRF's second album for Cold Spring and here deep, resonant, abyss-like drones shine forth from icy chasms below 1
NOISE CD SLEEP RESEARCH FACILITY Nostromo Cold Spring 10.99 new UK Import Reissue of the legendary debut album from 2001, with bonus track 'Narcissus'. Ultra deep ambience, based on the first 8 minutes of the movie 'Alien' which depicts the deep space haulage vessel slowly moving through the void. The disc takes you through a slow trip into the ship via tracks DECK A - E, deeper and deeper into the bowels of the 'Nostromo'. Colossal dark ambience from the abyss, with beautiful artwork that evokes the sinister atmosphere of the ship. 2
NOISE CD SNAKE IS LONG DON'T FALL THE AUDIO HOLE (MY FATHER SAID) Various Artists Stomach Ache 13.99 new A Tribute to The Hanatarash - with Brently Pusser, The Faxed Head, Maso Yamazaki/David Hopkins, Pork Queen, Greg Freeman, The Now Sound, Thee Bringdownzz, Funharm, Macronympha, Faxed Head Rodies, Miss Murgatroid, Lee Renaldo, The Double U, Speculum Fight, Glands of External Secretion, Dub Nazi JFK and Emil Beaulieau. 1
NOISE CD SOLMANIA / CHRIS DODGE Even Statics Vol. 1 Even Stilte 10.99 new French Import, The first of the Even Statics series of Even Stilte label. Split CD with Chris Dodge (Spazz, Slap A Ham, Burning Bridges, Low Threat Profile, Stikky etc), Solmania and remixes by DJ Speedranch ! Cover by famous french illustrator Joann Sfar. 2
NOISE CD SOUNDS OF THE INDIAN SNAKE CHARMER s/t Hanson 11.99 new recorded in Nepal by Aaron Dilloway of Wolf Eyes 2
NOISE CD SUTCLIFFE JUGEND Pig Daddy Cold Spring 14.99 new UK Import 1
NOISE CD SUTCLIFFE JUGEND / SATORI Japan Tour split Cold Spring 13.99 new UK ImportLimited to 500 copies only with all-exclusive studio tracks 1
NOISE CD VERTONEN The Ocean Is Gone, The Ship Is Next Groundfault 9.99 new Series II 1
NOISE EP NU SENSAE Three Dreams Critiscum Internationale 4.99 new 1
NOISE EP NU SENSAE / OKIE DOKIE Sorrow / Jubilance split Swill Children 6.99 new EP in oversized packaging with insert 1
NOISE EP SHEARING PINX / STAMINA MANTIS They Go Together split Reluctant Recordings 4.99 new 1
NOISE EP TWIN CRYSTALS / SHEARING PINX split Reluctant Recordings 4.99 new 1
NOISE LP AUBE / DSCHIM K SANDBLEISTIFT split Punk Kein Rock 14.99 new 10inch ltd to 276 copies OOP 2
NOISE LP BOYD RICE & Z'EV s/t Cold Spring 14.99 new 3
NOISE LP CONSUMER ELECTRONICS Nobody's Ugly No Fun 17.99 new 2
NOISE LP CYCLOTIMIA Same Time Same Place By Blade 12.99 new 10inch ltd to 300 1
NOISE LP KAPOTTE MUZIEK / ]LICHT-UNG[ split Punk Kein Rock 14.99 new 10inch ltd to 276 copies OOP 1
NOISE LP MENCHE, DANIEL Radiant Blood Drone 14.99 new 10inch ltd to 500 2
NOISE LP NU SENSAE TV, Death And The Devil Nominal 14.99 new 1
NOISE LP SHEARING PINX Void White Isolated Now Waves 11.99 new 1
NOISE LP SUTCLIFFE JUGEND / PRURIENT End Of Autumn Troubleman 26.99 new 2LP gatefold 1

PUNK/HARDCORE CD MAN IS THE BASTARD Sum Of The Men Deep Six 10.99 new 2
PUNK/HARDCORE EP SYSTEMATIC DEATH / SEE YOU IN HELL Backdrop Tour 2010 split Insane Society 5.99 new Euro import tour EP 15

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