Tuesday, February 10, 2009


MORNE / WARPRAYER split Morne CD 9.99
This highly anticipated album marks the first official release from Boston's MORNE as they team up with UK's WARPRAYER to keep the tradition alive through 8 brutal tracks of heavy crust. Professionally duplicated. Full color artwork. 8 page booklet with lyrics.

MORNE Demo 2008 No Options LP 15.99
This is the 2008 demo CD pressed onto virgin black vinyl and limited to 330 numbered copies. Nicely done with a 2 sided screenprinted cover. Released by No Options Records. Going quick, so if you want this don't sleep on getting it.

We also have some MORNE t-shirts, the MORNE Demo 2008 on cassette, as well as a few copies of the FILTH OF MANKIND LP with the limited screenprinted cover.

Also have a very limited number of posters left over from the AMEBIX, KYLESA, MORNE show.
Screenprinted, gray ink on black 80# cover stock, approximately 14x20 inches.

BLACK PUS Down Down Da Drain / Bark Of The Tree EP Corleone / Skulltones 6.99
We have a handful of the new BLACK PUS EP in stock now at the shop. Comes in a 9 color screen printed cover done by Mr Brian Chippendale. We've also restocked Black Pus volumes 1-4 on CD as well.

ANSWER ME! THE FIRST THREE By Jim Goad BOOK Scapegoat 21.95
“‘Answer Me!’, Jim and Debbie Goad’s early 90’s manifesto of hate, disgust and revulsion lasted a mere four issues. But in those four issues, Answer Me! pushed the boundaries of zine culture more than any independent publication in the past twenty years. Bold statement? Consider its resume, then: Martin Duran quoting “The Murder Issue (AM#2)” before unloading 29 bullets into the White House, three British tourists offing themselves with “The Suicide Issue (AM#3) in close vicinity, and the infamous final “Rape Issue” spawning an obscenity trial against newsstand owners who had the audacity to sell it. Of course, time has moved on; Debbie Goad has been dead for several years, Jim went on to write ‘The Redneck Manifesto’ and ‘Shit Magnet’, and ‘Answer Me!’ clones in various mediums have sprouted in abundance. What is perhaps so surprising then is that the work still packs so much of its initial gut-punch, still manages to plow through territory where even the most jaded and fucked-up reader would hesitate to tread. You’ll find plenty to disagree with here, but what Goad’s many detractors fail to take into account is the fierce intelligence of his writing, the sincerity of his rejection of hypocrisy in any form, and his rare ability to turn his lens of hate equally on everything: himself, culture, counter-culture, you. ‘Answer Me!’, given the sanctimony against it (stacks of the zine were actually burned) was often hard to get a hold of. The now defunct Loompanics offered a collection; beyond that you might get lucky at a zine specialty shop or independent bookstore. Scapegoat Publishing has taken a huge step in correcting the situation with this collection, which at 368 oversized pages for 22 bucks is a pretty good deal as well. Highly recommended for the unsqueamish.”
-Bri Punk Pinups

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