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Armageddon Shop Staff Picks 11/11/08

MELVINS A Senile Animal 4xLP Hydra Head $54.99
The (a) Senile Animal 4xLP is out now on Hydra Head Records. This thing is a monster and has indeed proved to be worth the wait. Side A of each LP is audio at 45rpm with color labels, Side B has different etchings on the vinyl. Each LP has a heavyweight inner sleeve, all kept inside a custom designed 4xLP gatefold jacket. This thing is as thick as a book and limited to a one time pressing of 3,000 with over 5 sets of colors in varying numbers of each within that 3,000 pressing.

OVO Croce Via CD Load Records $9.99
Great sounding new release. Super simple heavy as fuck 2 person band from guitar/drums/vocals .. Imagine a raspy voiced, angry sorceress channeling Melt Banana vocals vs Man Is The Bastard riffing while the SWANS "Cop" LP spins loudly in the background. One of my favorite Load Records bands, who seem to go overlooked by most folks. Awesome. Ben/Armageddon
Catalog Description: A darker slant than their previous full length, OvO's guitars scrape & drums pound but the organic crunch & high fidelity of this release will convince you that this is music taken further & harder. An avant masterpiece, it takes cues from the tar covered hordes wearing jean jackets & introduces a very natural middle finger of wigginess. Stefania Pendretti's vocals soar for the sky & rest like a golden piece of corn in the steaming morass of dung. Guitar undulates like a wriggling eel, with Bruno Dorella's drums providing crunching head-burn. http://www.myspace.com/ovobarlamuerte

MADE IN MEXICO Guerillaton CD Skin Graft $9.99
The New album is out finally... I didn't know that you could combile reggaeton, no wave, and almost hc/grind at points into something like this. I never would have believed it, until I saw them back in the spring... Here's the audio evidence! Unholy! Ben/Armageddon
Catalog description: Made in Mexico are Providence-based No Wave-influenced punk combined with Reggaeton sounds - like Teenage Jesus and the Jerks mixed with Calle 13 or Daddy Yankee. Post-punk with a Dem Bow beat and a revolutionary flavor. The soundtrack to Simon Bolivar's march through The Americas. Features former members of La Machine and Arab On Radar.

DIE KREUZEN s/t LP Touch & Go $11.99
DIE KREUZEN Cows And Beer EP Barbarian 4.99

I have to say, I think the Die Kreuzen "s/t" LP is one of the best US Hardcore records I own. Exceptional playing all around, very intense. One of my personal faves. Don't bother with their later releases, this is the one that's mandatory to pick up, along with the repress of their "Cows And Beer" EP. Top notch. Ben/Armageddon
Catalog description: Milwaukee's Die Kreuzen was one of their hometown's first apostles of the new hardcore gospel. Their first album is an essential document of Midwest bluster and fury on a par with early blasts from Hüsker Dü or Negative Approach. Though they ... Full Descriptionlater dabbled in moody metal crossover, DIE KREUZEN presents a relentless, unfiltered hardcore attack. Minute-plus blasts like "This Hope" and "Live Wire" thrash like a man electrocuted, with squalls of splintered punk guitar and the desperate beat of boredom-killing drums. Before their molten core cooled, this was Die Kreuzen's big bang.

OOGA BOOGAS Romance And Adventure LP AARGHT! $12.99
Raging post/punk/garage/rock from Australia. Members of Eddie Current Suppression Ring, The Onyas, and The Sailors. Got a Birthday Party, Country Teasers vibe at times. With lyrics that'll make Clockcleaner blush and a great looking gatefold sleeve. Chris A/Armageddon http://www.myspace.com/theoogaboogas

POWR MASTRS "2" Book Picturebox $18 By Chris Fourges/Kites
Powr Mastrs Vol. 2 follows hot on the heels of this elusive artist’s first volume– in a series of six graphic novels–which was one of last year’s most anticipated debuts. C.F. comes out of the mythic Providence, Rhode Island art and noise scene–his musical alias is Kites. In a recent profile The Comics Reporter observes, “Contrasting sharply with many of his flashier contemporaries, C.F.’s primary skill lies in overlooked nuances of comics storytelling, in particular pacing.” His distinctive voice and intricate rendering skills have attracted attention from the groundbreaking comics anthology, Kramers Ergot–he was included in the fourth issue, and featured on the cover of the fifth. Here, C.F.’s epic fantasy–an allegorical tale where power, physical identity and even gender are always in flux–picks up steam: Buell Kazee sneaks down into the cellar of the plex knowe crypt and conjures trouble; Tetradyne Cola takes a nap and dreams of Monica Glass and the lemon sparklers of star studio; members of the Marker clan compare notes on their magical crimes and the witches of Lace Temblor conspire over transmutation night.

SLINGSHOT 2009 Organzier Small $6 various mixed colours, pocket 1/4 size, paperback, 160 pages

SLINGSHOT 2009 Organzier Large $12 various mixed colors, larger 1/2 size, glossy cover, spiral bound

FOUND Magazine #5 $5 September 2007, 96 pages
The Crime Issue-- take a look at the wrong side of the law! FOUND #5 features a former FBI agent's life story, prison guard poetry, found notes about arson, pot, and self-amputation, academic crime, crimes of the heart, found eyeballs, found crack, and the story of a guy who found a million dollars in the road. Be the first one on your block to hold FOUND #5!

Plus restocks on these back issues:
FOUND Magazine #4 $5 September 2005, 96 pages
FOUND Magazine #3 $5 March 2004, 96 pages
FOUND Magazine #2 $5 Winter 2002, 112 pages
FOUND Magazine #1 $5 June 2001, 80 pages

And the NEW issue of DIRTY FOUND!!

DIRTY FOUND #3 $10 March 2007, 80 pages, full color
In the immortal words of John Waters, ""Dirty Found is art-filth folk art that proves everybody's sex life is secretly touching." We couldn't agree more. And while our first two editions landed in bookstores' "Indie Porn" section, our latest offering will end up in "Just Plain Wrong." #3's got a little something for everyone: Superior Mistress. Women in Water. Slave and Toilet. Whatever floats your boat. Grab yourself a copy and marvel at what we all do.

And restock on this classic:

DIRTY FOUND #2 $10 November 2005, 80 pages, full color
Dang, you keep sending us the smut! Like our last pervy offering, DIRTY FOUND #2 brings you the world's finest sort-of-porn. We don't have a name for what you'll witness inside these pages-- you're not gonna want to jackoff to it, but you'll wanna wash your hands afterwards. A curious look at other people's love lives.

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