Monday, August 25, 2008

New Arrivals & Staff Picks 8/25/06

Here's this weeks new arrivals. over 600 new items in stock in the last week or so. Used items are posted below the new items list.

***Please keep in mind when ordering online: Items in the updates get deleted from our database as they sell, so if it doesn't show up when using the SEARCH BOX, it's probably gone (even though it may still be listed below in our new arrivals blog list).

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BRAINBOMBS - "Live At Smalands Nation, Lund, Sweden, May 29 1993" LP 13.99

No explanation needed really. The cover says it all. You either know you need this, or you know you don't... We did...

Death Vessel - Nothing Is Precious Enough for Us CD / LP(with free download!) 12.99

This collection of music was written and sung by Joel Thibodeau. It is unlike anything you’ve ever heard. People will call it many things. Few will get it right. This is Death Vessel. Death Vessel’s debut album Stay Close was released in 2005 to critical acclaim. Since that album’s release Death Vessel has toured with Iron & Wine, Low, Jose Gonzalez, and The Books, among others. Recorded with longtime producer/collaborator Pete Donnelly (The Figgs) at his New Jersey studio, and various locales across the northeast, Nothing Is Precious Enough for Us is Death Vessel’s Sub Pop debut. While in recent years Joel has toured primarily as a solo performer, and the songs are inarguably mesmerizing and relevant in that setting, on record they take on a new life, thanks to his and Donnelly’s inspired, and often unusual, arrangements, and the contributions of numerous friends and players. The album exudes a unique, wide-scope ambition. Its musical reach is fully extended—-deep into the past, grounded in the present and nodding to the future. Owing to the gritty avarice of Joel’s singular spirit, voice and musicality, the songs sound as progressive, experimental and modern as they do antique and old-world. The music is haunting and spiritual, mysterious and kind, ageless and contemporary, soulful and psychedelic. In short, it’s where the requiem meets rock ‘n’ roll. “Now I am versed in silence/my throat hurts, not from yelling but from holding back,” Joel sings on “Block My Eye,” the album’s opening track. And that’s ok, because the music speaks for itself. And nothing ever sounded so loud, and so clear.

Also restocked on some Six Finger Satellite releases... some of these are just about out of print. Soon to be like the rest of their other releases, which are titles we can no longer get...

Six Finger Satellite - Machine Cuisine 10" 9.99

Six Finger Satellite - Law Of Ruins CD 12.99

Six Finger Satellite - The Pigeon Is The Most Popular Bird (Savant Version) LP 9.99

Six Finger Satellite - Live At The ACI 7" 4.99

Six Finger Satellite - Massive Cocaine Seizure 7" 4.99

And this classic Providence rocker:
The Amazing Crowns - Chop SHop / Amateur Night 7" 4.99

If you don't have this... you need it:
Mudhoney - Touch Me I'm Sick 7" 4.99

And this too:
Pissed Jeans - Don't Need Smoke To Make Myself Disappear 7" 4.99

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