Saturday, May 10, 2008

Brainbombs - "Obey" CD OUT NOW!!

Armageddon Shop/Label Presents:

Armageddon 012

Finally available again, the domestic CD version of thee classic and essential Brainbombs release. Out of print for several years & unleashed again. Obey hits hard with 8 tracks of serial killer inspired dirge/noise/rock put through a No Wave filter. The audio equivalent of watching 'Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer'... or having dinner with Albert Fish while Whitehouse records spin in the background....

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Brainbombs Reviews/Descriptions:
'This album quickly degenerates into this brutal, harsh landscape of guitars getting the shit beat out of them, frightening vocals obscured by layers of distortion and static and lyrics about Jack the Ripper and Satan, and a drumbeat that tries desperately to match your heartbeat then speed it up to dangerous levels. As the album goes on (and the band matures) these songs get more violent and scary and less concerned with being pretty. The music's a fucking panic attack. It's just gorgeous.
' - Holly Day, Maximum Ink

Murder, torture and sodomy translate nicely everywhere, though (which could be the ironic point), so let's just assume that Brainbombs are nightmare storytellers for whom no taboo's too lurid, no cow too sacred. …those who care about making associations could lump these creeps together with maximum-rockin' neighbors such as Union Carbide Productions, Turbonegro and the Hellacopters. But in terms of absolutely pure negative vibes and mega-decibel audio destruction, Brainbombs leave those bands sounding like wet farts.
- Aaron Burgess, Alternative Press

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Sweden's Brainbombs, think prime Stooges, recorded in a smelly sweaty basement, on a boom box, amidst scattered porno mags, corpses, weapons and human excrement. While a whining vocalist spits up mysogynistic and misanthropic tales of hyper violence. Then add in the occasional bleat of a demented-jazz trumpet and some fucked up fuzzy blown-tweeter bass. So good.
- Tumult Website

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