Monday, January 7, 2008


GARAGE LP BUSY SIGNALS S/T Dirtnap 10.99 new 6
The Busy Signals squeezed out a couple of quality singles prior to this LP, which meant it was one of my most awaited releases of the year, and when it finally dropped it did not disappoint. Twelve tracks of what is ultimately pretty basic, poppy punk music - but so completely perfected that it just blows me away, how music so simple can inspire in such a way that it feels for a sweet 20 or 30 minutes that all other music is pretentious, puffed up, and completely misses the point.It's pretty impossible for a goober such as myself to draw on any useful reference points, as I am not a collector of obscure and rare punk rock or power pop or "proto punk" (whatever) records so I can't exclaim "MAN ALIVE IT SOUNDS JUST LIKE THAT HOT 45 THAT THE TWISTING VIPERS RELEASED BACK IN '76 ON FUCKED TRICYCLE RECORDS!". I can though exclaim that it is a very hot LP, of infectious, quickfire punk, with blistering female vocals, sounds somewhat like a cross bewteen Blondie and the Marked Men, is charmingly underproduced, and on the whole it knocks pretty much every other record released year into a cocked hat. Can't say fairer than that. (review from:

GARAGE LP CARBONAS s/t Goner 10.99 new 4
GARAGE CD CARBONAS s/t Goner 11.99 new 1
One of the best things to happen to rock and roll in the last year is this recent release by the Carbonas. This is one of the most hard rocking albums to come out of late. Impossible for even the greasiest old fart to ignore. The Carbonas are as close to the Dead Boys as we are gonna get. Hard driving songs with the occasional melody drop in that makes you wonder whatever happened to good pop music in the first place. The second cut on the first side; ‘Didn’t Tell You A Lie’ is a standout for a melodic chorus done as well as it can be done. There is no reason to stare at a TV screen and pretend you are Slash. The Carbonas are real guitar heroes. Walk away from the game console and buy a record. (review from:

METAL CD ISIS Oceanic Remixas / Reinterpretations Daymare 16.99 new Japanese Import
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Remixes of Isis songs by an all star cast. This beautiful double CD release is an import only title which contains 13 Isis songs from their monumental release "Oceanic". The artists do a wonderful job of putting their own unique twist on things. The list of Remixers could make a fan of the genre drool. Justin Broadrick (Jesu, Techno Animal, Godflesh, Final) turns "HYM" into a swirling, spacy drone that is tempered by crushing guitar and treated vocals. Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, Tomahawk)does his rendition of "MARITIME" and there is no mistaking Patton's musical genius after hearing his work. The legendary Thomas Koner (Porter Ricks)remixes "HYM" in a style that is only his. Glacial, cold, soundscapes that roll through the speakers like a polar waterfall with just a hint of the original Isis track. Other featured artists are Oktopus (Dalek,) Ayal Noir (27), Teledubgnosis, DJ Speedranch, Venetian Snares, and Tim Hecker. Ignore the price, it's worth every penny. Pick this one up because it's a rare set that will be out of print in no time.

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SOUNDTRACK CD MORRICONE, ENNIO L'Avventuriero: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Dagored 12.99 new Italian Import, digipack reissue, awesome!! 7
This 1967 Italian film, starring Anthony Quinn and Rita Hayworth and based on a Joseph Conrad (Heart of Darkness) novel, is known in the U.S. as The Rover. Excellent original score by Ennio Morricone. Ennio Morricone is probably the most famous film composer of the 20th century. He is also one of the most prolific composers working in any medium. No exact figure is available, but he's scored several hundred films over the past several decades, perhaps as many as 500. While these have been in almost every imaginable musical style (and for almost every imaginable kind of movie), he is most identified with the "spaghetti Western" style of soundtracks, which he pioneered when providing the musical backdrop for the films of director Sergio Leone. Morricone's palette is extraordinarily diverse, drawing from classical, jazz, pop, rock, electronic, avant-garde, and Italian music, among other styles. Esteemed by such important figures in modern music as John Zorn (not to mention contemporary directors like Martin Scorsese), he is increasingly placed among not just the finest soundtrack composers, but the most important contemporary composers of any sort.

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