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Staff Picks 08/05/07

Here are our top picks for this update. You can get them through the website or at the shop.


The new harsh electro wave punk album from Jay Reatard (Lost Sounds, Angry Angles, The Reatards, The Final Solutions, Bad Times, etc). This LP comes as a limited edition picture disc. Another quality release that's worth repeated listens. Let's hope he can keep future releases up to par with his body of work, both solo and collaborative with various bands. So far it's been pretty damn solid. Similar to Blood Visions, it's fairly raw, but the seemingly endless well of good songwriting flows on still... Recommended.(Ben/Armageddon)GARAGE LP REATARD, JAY Terror Visions FDH Records 12.99 new Pic Disc, Jay Reatard solo project more dark synth wave, but still damn good...

The Seattle punk rock combo the Trashies' second release is a concept album of sorts, in which the concept is for the band to get as drunk as possible in the time it takes them to record a dozen songs. The effects can be heard throughout, between the early, and therefore relatively coherent (and hard-rocking) "Innumerate, Illiterate," which recalls an Animal House version of the B-52s, and the later, and chaotic "Are You Done With That," in which the band slowly, and alcoholically, implodes. A fun listen, a true party garage punk rock record. LP comes with CD-r version as well... Good shit!GARAGE LP TRASHIES, THE What Makes A Man Get Trashed? 2417 Records 10.99 new comes w cd-r of LPGARAGE LP TRASHIES, THE Life Sucks Trash Fuck Bubbledumb 10.99 new

Pissed Jeans return with album number two and their Sub Pop debut. Great production brightens up the sludge a bit compared to the first LP. They still have the heavy hard hitting riffs, Matt hits the David Yow/Jesus Lizard vocal style here and there with great effect. There are some slow moments, droning slow rifffing and noise, more of a rollercoaster ride than before. With repeated listening, it all makes sense, and they do what they do the right way. Awesome LP. Now let's get that first one back in print and keep the kids crapping their tighty whiteys...(Ben/Ashop)INDIE CD/LP PISSED JEANS Hope For Men Sub Pop 12.99 new

SWORD HEAVEN is a Columbus duo using sheet metal, electronics, horn, drum and treated vocals to bring a supercluster of black clouds into your zone. While there is an undeniable black tone of metallic grime hanging over the proceedings, this music will appeal to those wanting something absolute in their lives. Yes, name check pre-industrial dive bombers like the SWANS or GODFLESH, but realize that will not prepare for the all out bombast this duo spreads on your toast.The band has 7 inchers and LP sides on undy mainstays record labels like NOT NOT FUN, DEATHBOMB ARC and CEPHIA’S TREAT, as well as a split LP with fellow Ohio cyanide spritzers, LAMBSBREAD. A current local Providence favorite...LOCAL CD SWORD HEAVEN Entrance Load 9.99 new

We finally got in a restock of this '06 release on both vinyl and CD. It was in our top 10 for last year, no question. Ex members of Cavity and 16 create a punishingly heavy record not unlike Big Business in it's two person attack. Definitely heavier and darker than Big Business. This record is just awesome... No Bullshit. (Ben/Armageddon)METAL LP/CD BLACK COBRA Bestial At A Loss 11.99 new gray wax, in our top 10 records for 2006, ex-Cavity and 16
Compilations are so often a bad idea that its best to avoid them at all costs, as there is at best a chance that a quarter of it will be any good. Tiger Tongue Cactus Pussy on Hospital Productions is another story. Things start off with Vegas Martyrs, a trio of enormous force and discipline. The band features Dominick Fernow of Prurient on guitar, Richard Dunn of FFH on misery vocals and some vegetarian guy who lives in California on drums. In many ways, he’s kind of the best thing in the band, just a HEAVY drummer. The group provides a brutal track with a destructo industrial outro that’s just fucking menacing and mean spirited. Its what rock music sounds like when it gets beaten to death. Up next is Air Conditioning, a group from the new capitol of music, Allentown Pennsylvania. Here, they provide a noise track of texture and depth, transcending the pack with a dark emotional overtone of failure and desperation. Their full length on Load is worth checking out too, and their Level Plane released Weakness record a few years backs is worth killing for. Flip the record and we get a scum induced, rotten track from Baltimore’s the New Flesh and let me tell you, anyone in line with new punk agenda being set off by bands like Pissed Jeans and Clockcleaner need to check for these guys immediately. This is just filthy, horrible sounding, miserable punk excrement that society just cannot get rid off no matter how many wars we get ourselves into. If you hate yourself nearly as much as you should, the New Flesh are essential listening. Lastly come Chicago’s Coughs, who do a low-fi slow No Wave rant. Can’t say I care much for this track although I heard they were pretty spectacular live, apparently they broke up so that doesn’t do anyone any good does it? I just have a hard time with the vocals, a bit too whiny for these ears. Regardless, that makes this compilation three quarters top notch, which ranks it the best comp I’ve heard in forever. On green transparent vinyl with fucked up war infested jungle artwork, silk-screened by Neil Burke, the godfather himself. What more can you ask for? (description from Steve Lowenthal/The Fader)NOISE LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Tiger Tongue Pussy Cactus: Terminal Fantasies For Malefic Youth Hospital Productions 15.99 new 4 way split LP with Air Conditioning, Vegas Martyrs, Coughs, The new Flesh… Screenprinted cover

To say the Bill Bondsmen are intent on destroying the world is an understatement. The band’s lyrics may be full of hate, but they do give loving nods to one of Detroit’s favorite newscasters and '80s American hardcore. Musically, the band takes its cues from bands like Black Flag, Poison Idea and The Adolescents, while also putting a unique Detroit spin on it. This is a European only release, not a lot of distribution in the US, but we got a good chunk if you need it. Good raw hc/punk with no pretensions other than a tip of the hat to an older era when things were less produced and less metal...PUNK/HARDCORE LP BILL BONDSMEN Young, Loud, And Shoddy Burning Sensation 10.99 new

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